Hailey McMahon | Class of 2022 | East Peoria High School

Meet Hailey McMahon, Class of 2022 senior from East Peoria High School!  I would describe Hailey as a “people magnet!”  To know her is to love her…. And you just can’t help but love being in her presence.  She is so sweet and kind and loving! She has this beautiful smile that could light up a […]


Jayden Theison | Class of 2022 | Dee-Mack High School

I’m so happy to introduce my truck-loving, self proclaimed redneck, all-country girl… Jayden Theison from Dee-Mack High School.  She is fun loving, bubbly, competitive in pistol shooting and archery, creative, and she self proclaims that she is a “funny kind of awkward”  which I absolutely LOVE about her!!  She’s not afraid to be herself and […]


Kristin Shively | Dunlap High School | Class of 2022

Meet the beautiful, radiant, strong, super-sweet, talented, uber-creative, fashionista… Kristin Shively, Class of 2022 senior from Dunlap High School!!  This fall, Kristin will be attending Iowa State and plans to major in Interior Design.  She’s excited for an upcoming, admitted student day visit in February and looks forward to meeting some other fellow students.  Her […]


Savannah Bryant | Class of 2022 Senior | Midwest Central High School

Meet Savannah Bryant, Class of 2022 senior from Midwest Central High School. Her nickname is Sav but I like to call her Nanners 😊  She is FUN, flirty, outgoing, driven, caring, bold, and beautiful!  After high school, she plans on attending either Carl Sandburg or John Wood to play volleyball and then transfer to a […]


Braden Schrock | Celebrating the Class of 2021 | Henry-Senachwine High School

Meet Braden Schrock, Class of 2021 senior from Henry-Senachwine High School!  She is bubbly, fun, energetic, super sweet and as you can see…a total babe!!  You are loved Braden and we will miss you sooo much! This fall, Braden will be attending Carroll University and plans on majoring on Elementary Education. Her favorite high school […]


Tayler Lindsey | Celebrating the Class of 2021 | Pekin Community High School

Introducing Tayler Lindsey, Class of 2021 graduate from Pekin Community High School.  Having this beauty on our Shelby Senior Team this year has been a definite highlight of my year!  She is always dressed so cute, and she’s entirely photogenic.. I would vote Tayler… Ms. Congeniality for her sweet, kind nature. This fall, Tayler plans […]


Brooke Pierson | Celebrating the Class of 2021 | Richwoods High School

Meet the love-able, beautiful, sweet, kind, and caring Class of 2021 senior, Brooke Pierson!  She graduates this weekend, woooohooooo!!!! I can’t express enough how much love we have for Brooke and what a wonderful asset she has been to our Class of 2021 Shelby Senior team this year.  Brooke is the kind of girl who […]


Alysa Bort | Class of 2021 graduate | Washington Community High School

Meet Alysa Bort, Class of 2021 senior from Washington Community High School!  Today was her very last day of high school and she graduates this weekend.  Alysa is one of the kindest person you could ever meet!  Super smart, talkative, outgoing, caring, and always willing to help others. She loves being spontaneous and loves being […]


Naya Grimm | Class of 2021 graduate | Dee-Mack High School

Meet Naya Grimm, Class of 2021 senior from Dee-Mack High School!  We are so excited for her as she just finished her very last day of high school this past Friday and she graduates in just 4 more days!   Naya is one of the coolest seniors ever.. super passionate about horses and has the […]


Ava Dietrich | Peoria Christian High School | Class of 2021

Meet Class of 2021 “almost graduate” from Peoria Christian High School, Ava Dietrich!!  In fact, tomorrow is her last day of school!! Ava has been a leader on our Shelby Senior Team from the moment we started last year.  She is encouraging, kind, genuine, sweet, totally funny, a great listener and communicator, and really, really […]







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