Tayler Lindsey | Celebrating the Class of 2021 | Pekin Community High School

May 14, 2021

Introducing Tayler Lindsey, Class of 2021 graduate from Pekin Community High School.  Having this beauty on our Shelby Senior Team this year has been a definite highlight of my year!  She is always dressed so cute, and she’s entirely photogenic.. I would vote Tayler… Ms. Congeniality for her sweet, kind nature.

This fall, Tayler plans on attending ICC for two years and then transferring to ISU to study Social Work. She plans on majoring in Psychology.  Her favorite HS teacher was Ms. Swanson because, “she was the kindest lady I have ever met. She has never ever yelled or got frustrated with my class. Even though we were pretty wild! My favorite class is math because it’s a challenge but I am kind of good at it.  My favorite school event to attend is football games. love the energy my school’s student section gives. We are super crazy and I love the themes. Going all out is so fun and especially doing it with friends. Friday nights are the best.  I participated in Soccer, Best Buddies, and Key Club.  In the summer, I am a Lifeguard.  My hobbies include shopping and just overall having a good time with friends.”

“I would describe my perfect day as being on the beach, soaking in the sun, swimming in the ocean, and then after a long day, watching the sunset at night.”

“My hero is my mom. I lost my dad when i was younger and she showed me that no matter what life throws at me that I can get through it and move on to become a better person. She showed me that you can step up and be successful no matter what people say. She has also loved me when I couldn’t love myself and I couldn’t thank her enough. The best thing about my mom is how loving and caring she is. She has gone through a lot but it has made her the strongest person I could ever think of. She has showed me that I need to be the best me I can be because your personality can get you so far. She has also taught me that throughout life people are always going to say rude things but shining through will have the best outcome.”

“Three things on my bucket list include going to the United Kingdom, Having my own business, and adopting a baby. I really want to go to the United Kingdom because I have always wanted to live there my whole life. I just love how elegant it seems and I love their accents!”

“My favorite childhood memory is when we adopted my little brother. My favorite family trip was a trip to Missouri. Almost every year we go and we go boating and it’s so much fun. Then at night we go into town and go go-carting and a bunch of other stuff!”

Favorite dessert – Cheesecake, Favorite Snack – Cheez Its, Favorite Restaurant – Chick-Fil_A.. I love the chicken sandwich with fries. Favorite Drink – Dr Pepper, Favorite Ice Cream – Cookie Dough

My favorite holiday is my birthday!  Because I love the attention.  Favorite holiday tradition? Every year at Christmas, we go to the Festival of Lights

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?  The lunch lady, LOL!

Favorite Family recipe: My mom’s chili. She makes it every winter and it’s sweet and so good.

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