Savannah Bryant | Class of 2022 Senior | Midwest Central High School

September 7, 2021

Meet Savannah Bryant, Class of 2022 senior from Midwest Central High School. Her nickname is Sav but I like to call her Nanners 😊  She is FUN, flirty, outgoing, driven, caring, bold, and beautiful!  After high school, she plans on attending either Carl Sandburg or John Wood to play volleyball and then transfer to a four year University and major in psychology.  She has been playing volleyball since the age of 9 and loves the sport!  Her favorite teacher is her band director, Mr. Vandelinder.
“He is such a nice person who cares so much about all of his students and very skilled at all he does. My favorite class is history because I like learning about how other people live and how life may be different today because of an event in history.”

Besides volleyball, Sav participates in band, FCCLA, and Spanish Club. Outside of school, she works at Walmart, loves to thrift, play summer volleyball, and she is a Drum Major.  She loves to hangout with friends, and spend time with her hedgehog, named Pico.  Savannah also has a fish named Shark Bait, two dogs named Zeus and Lucy, and two cats named Baby, and Egg.  A moment she is most proud of is winning, “Most Talented Musician” award several years in a row.

“If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be Hibachi chicken with a lemonade.”

Favorite Quote: You never realize what you have until it’s gone.

“My favorite colors are Lilac, grey, and mint green.”

“My favorite family trip was to Puerto Rico. because I was able to see in person how other people live their life and it was my first time out of the country.  One of my favorite childhood memories is when my brother taught me how to ride a bike.  My hero is my grandma she is such a strong woman, someone I have always looked up to, and someone who I know will always have my back no matter what!”

Favorite singers: Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean, SZA, and Cardi B

Three things on my bucket list include 1. Getting a degree 2. Traveling the world 3. Becoming my own boss

Favorite beverage – Lemonade.      Favorite Candy – Heath Bars and Junior Mints.

Why did you choose Shelby Photography to be  your senior photographer?  I love working with Cindy and she always makes me feel confident. Her pictures show a glimpse of everyone’s personality.

Favorite family recipe: “My grandma’s homemade chicken and noodles. They’re the best and so fun to make with her.”

“I love to collect tiny glass animals.”

“My favorite holiday is Halloween.  My favorite holiday tradition is at Christmas. All of my family comes over and we make a ton of candy. It’s always fun to spend time with them and I look forward to it every year.”

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