Jayden Theison | Class of 2022 | Dee-Mack High School

January 20, 2022

I’m so happy to introduce my truck-loving, self proclaimed redneck, all-country girl… Jayden Theison from Dee-Mack High School.  She is fun loving, bubbly, competitive in pistol shooting and archery, creative, and she self proclaims that she is a “funny kind of awkward”  which I absolutely LOVE about her!!  She’s not afraid to be herself and Jayden is absolutely gorgeous.  We have the best time, every time, I have the opportunity to photograph her.

After high school, Jayden plans on majoring in some type of engineering. When she was a little girl, she thought she might want to be a veterinarian.

Her favorite teacher is her math teacher, Mrs. Uber, because she super upbeat and a little sarcastic which is funny to our entire class. My favorite class is math because our math class is advanced so we get really far ahead of other math classes and have time to goof off a little together.  She is looking forward to senior prank, senior skip day, and the day when seniors camp in their tents in the parking lot.  In school she participates in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Outside of school, she does competitive pistol and archery.  I love following her on social media to see how well she in doing in her competitions!!  She’s amazing to watch!

Jayden would describe her perfect day as a beach day in the morning with her friends, watching the sunrise followed by mudding in her truck just after a rain.  Then going shooting and finishing the day on a boat in the lake!!

Jayden loves country music, especially Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, but she also loves rock n roll, specifically AC/DC and Kiss!

The most daring thing Jayden has ever done is drive a racer and compete in shotgun competitions against grown men!


Jayden’s current favorite sport is competitive archery!

Random Fun Facts:

  1. Favorite holiday – Christmas
  2. Three things on my bucket list- Bungee jumping, zip lining, and swimming with elephants
  3. Favorite restaurant = Chick Fil A
  4. Favorite drink – Pepsi
  5. Favorite candy = Twix or Starburst
  6. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be cocoa biscuits with bacon and a chocolate milkshake

The Fourth of July themed session was my favorite!



My hero is my grandpa because he always found the best in any situation. My favorite family trips was to Gulf Shores because we got to sit on the beach, boats and jet-ski. The best thing about my dad is that he always has the funniest jokes in all kinds of situations. My mom is always so proud of me and pushing me to be the best version of myself.

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