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May 13, 2021

Meet the love-able, beautiful, sweet, kind, and caring Class of 2021 senior, Brooke Pierson!  She graduates this weekend, woooohooooo!!!!

I can’t express enough how much love we have for Brooke and what a wonderful asset she has been to our Class of 2021 Shelby Senior team this year.  Brooke is the kind of girl who treats others the way she would like to be treated. At first, she can be quiet and shy, but once she gets to know someone, she is outgoing and super fun!

This fall she will be attending the University of Kentucky to major in Nursing.  (she will be the BEST nurse!!)

Her favorite moment during her senior year was Senior Sunrise. “A bunch of us got together and stayed up all night and just had fun sitting around and talking all night.  In the morning, we carpooled to school and got to watch the sunrise in our college merch. Even though it was the end of they year, it made us all very close!”

Her favorite teacher was her IB Psychology teacher. “He was always welcome to helping you out in academic work or personal problems. We also share some great laughs all the time. My favorite class is Biology. I like learning about how the human body works and how it takes so many tiny parts to do one thing in the body.”

Brooke has been very active in school. She was in the Baccalaureate program. I was a student ambassadors, in the Interact (volunteer club), St Jude Club, Climate Change Club, French Club, Hiking Club, Recycling Club, and many more. “I was also Vice President of Student Council.”

Outside of school, she has been active in dancing in the Northwoods Church Christmas Production and Easter service. I also go to Northwoods Converge which is a student ministry that is every Wednesday.

Her hobbies include dancing, bullet journaling, and traveling

On Brooke’s “perfect day” she would, “wake up and have blueberry pancakes. I would then go and walk my dogs around. After, I would go and drive around to see my mom and dad at work. Next, I would have some Chick-fil-a for lunch. Then, I would go and pick up my friends and head to church for a good worship session and devotionals. At the end of the day, I would come back home, snuggle up with my dogs, and watch some Netflix.”

My hero is my brother because he has faced many hardships in his life but it never kept him from following his dream and joining the military.

The best thing about my mom is that she always is willing to give up her time and money to help me do what I love. Whether it is all the dance competitions or just making my favorite for dinner, she always put my brother and I first. My favorite thing about my dad, is the way he is always one call alway. If you ever needed him, he would come running to fix a flat tire or just to come and watch me perform.

My favorite childhood memory is dancing in all my recitals and after every single one, my dad would be waiting with flowers and a big hug. My favorite family trip was a road trip we took all the way to Florida because even though we all went crazy, we had so many memories that were made. Also on the way back from Florida, we stopped at University of Alabama and my brother and I fell in love with the campus.

A moment that I’m super proud of is when I hurt my foot/ankle in December, I was dancing in the Northwoods Christmas Production. In this very production, another one of our dancers got hurt and we had to change all of our dances. I didn’t want to worry the girls any more then they already were so I sucked it up and danced the rest of the shows. I wanted to do it for them and also the thousands of audience members who come and experience this show and welcome the presence of God in their lives.

have two dogs. We have always rescued all of our dogs so we don’t know what exact breed they are, but one is a golden retriever named Marli and the other is a rottweiler and spaniel mix named Bella. Marli could sleep the whole day away but can be the loudest dog when she wants to be. Bella is a lover. She could cuddle with you for hours!

My favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. I love their rolls as an appetizer and I always order the chicken with a side salad.  Favorite candy – Peanut Butter M&M’s. Favorite drink- lemonade or water, I don’t drink soda. Favorite snack- Teddy Grahams or Strawberries. Favorite ice cream flavor – plain ole’ vanilla. Favorite dessert: Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting

Three things on my bucket list are 1. A trip to NY 2. Go skydiving 3. A big road trip with friends

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Every Christmas, my brother and I would always wear matching pajamas and open up our gifts one by one.

Favorite quote: God’s plan for your life far exceeds the circumstances of your day!

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