Kristin Shively | Dunlap High School | Class of 2022

January 17, 2022

Meet the beautiful, radiant, strong, super-sweet, talented, uber-creative, fashionista… Kristin Shively, Class of 2022 senior from Dunlap High School!!  This fall, Kristin will be attending Iowa State and plans to major in Interior Design.  She’s excited for an upcoming, admitted student day visit in February and looks forward to meeting some other fellow students.  Her major is so perfect because she is creative, knows color, has an eye for detail and Kristin does an amazing job reflecting that in what she wears and the things she does. She loves socializing and she is sooooo soooo kind!

She has wanted to be some kind of artist since she was a little girl!!  Here she goes, making her dreams come true!!

Some Random and Fun Facts about Kristin:

Favorite Candy – Swedish Fish and Reese’s

Three things on my bucket list: Go to Italy for an internship and get to know more about the culture.  Save enough $ to get a BMW Z4 convertible.  Sadly my dad won’t buy me one!  And travel all over the world to new and unexpected places!

My favorite singer is Harry Styles, and I also really like One Direction! Me and my good friend Kaylie have been to a bunch of their concerts, and I like any kind of pop music.

My favorite drink is Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which you can only get at Taco Bell!

The most daring thing I have ever done is zip lining on a cruise ship a couple years ago that was super high off the ground.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is Escargot (snails!)

“My favorite childhood memory was playing with my sister and two best friends who are also our next door neighbors. We would go out to our swing set and drink capri suns every single day over the summer. We’ve been doing this since we were all around the ages of 4-6, and we still go out to the swing set with each other even though 3 of them are all in college! We had so many fun memories playing in the rain and kicking our shoes off while we were swinging.”

“My favorite family trip was to Clearwater beach over spring break of 2019! We stayed in a super nice hotel and we were able to go to Disney and Universal too! We had a lot of fun there and the beach was so pretty!”

“My hero is my mom because she does so much for me and my family, and has been the best role model in my life. She is always there to listen and will drop whatever to make sure that me and the rest of my family are happy!”

“My favorite family recipe is my great grandma’s German Beef Rouladen. It’s my favorite because it takes a long time to make, and me and my mom make it together. It tastes so good and is so rich!”

“My favorite sports to watch are swimming, basketball, and formula one racing! I always wake up early with my dad on Sunday mornings to watch the races. I’m also super excited for the Olympics year!”

My favorite thing about my Mom and Dad is how caring they are and that they are always there for me and my sister. They have provided everything for me and have raised me to be polite, kind, and loving. I’m so glad to have grown up in a loving Christian home, and we’re all able to be open and truthful with each other.

“My favorite teacher is my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Benefield. I had her my junior year for Spanish class, and she was so sweet! I have never met a teacher who is as enthusiastic and passionate about her job. She was always there to listen to me and meet my needs in the classroom and out of the classroom! Her outgoing personality made school fun and I was always excited to come to her class in the morning. My favorite class is art class. Throughout grade school, middle school, and high school, i’ve always enjoyed going to class and getting a break from school. Art is always such a relaxing thing and I love being able to express my creativity!

My favorite school event to attend is definitely homecoming and the football games! Going back to school in the fall can be stressful, and getting a break to do something fun with my classmates and friends is such a relief! I love how our school is able to bond together and the atmosphere is so exciting. I love to dress up and get my hair and makeup done, and I’m always excited to get ready!”


“My favorite quote is by Harry Styles and it is Treat people with kindness. I think it’s a good reminder to be loving toward everyone.”

“I have a 12 year old West Highland White Terrier named Quincy! We got him when I was only 4, and he is my best friend. He has such pretty white fur and he’s so soft.”

“My favorite holiday tradition occurs around Christmas time. For many years me, my mom, my sister, great aunt, grandma, and cousin would get together and bake Christmas cookies all day long the weekend after Thanksgiving. This day would get us all excited for the Christmas season, and we usually bake so many cookies that we are able to give them away to friends and other family as gifts! Even though my great aunt passed away a few years ago, we still bake cookies and remember how much she enjoyed doing it with us!

Kristin started competitive swimming when she was just 6 years old. Her last season of high school swimming ended in November. She loved the team atmosphere and being a leader.  “A moment I am most proud of is going to state with my high school swim team. Making it to state in IL for swimming is incredibly challenging, so getting to go with a few other girls was super exciting and very rewarding. All of our hard work from the session definitely She also swam for the Peoria Area Water Wizards, participated in a program at the Peoria Art Guild and was in a selective program with other students in the Peoria area that come together to work with professional artists. Her hobbies include anything creative or art related and she has taught herself to do just about “everything under the sun!  I love to go to vintage and antique stores with my mom. I love helping her redecorate the house as well has help redecorate my grandparent’s houses!”


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