Hailey McMahon | Class of 2022 | East Peoria High School

January 23, 2022

Meet Hailey McMahon, Class of 2022 senior from East Peoria High School!  I would describe Hailey as a “people magnet!”  To know her is to love her…. And you just can’t help but love being in her presence.  She is so sweet and kind and loving! She has this beautiful smile that could light up a dark room and her personality is very outgoing and positive. “I like to live life as if everyday is my last.”

After graduation, Hailey plans on attending ISU to major in Biology. She plans on being a nurse,  and when she was a little girl, she wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.   She has been very active in school and participates in cheerleading, student council, link crew, national honors society, and “I am the treasurer on exec board. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Coughlon because she is always so positive and makes everything so much fun. The way that she is so eager to teach has just always motivated me to learn! My favorite class would have to be math because I love the challenges that come along with the class.

“My hero is my mom because she has been there for me throughout everything in my life and has always been my biggest supporter. I’m so thankful to call my mom my bestfriend!”

“The best thing about my mom and dad is how supportive they are. I love how I can come to both of them and tell them about everything in my life without fearing that they will judge me. These amazing people have always supported me with dance and cheer and I know that I can always look out in the crowd to find them, which makes me happier than ever. The love for coffee that they both have, the jokes and laughter that they bring to me, and the love that they have for me is incredible.”

“My favorite color is yellow!”

“Three things that are on my bucket list to do in life include sky diving, traveling the world, and I would really love to become a doctor someday.”

“I chose Shelby Photography for my senior portraits photographer because I have always loved the photos I have seen from this team. As my senior year came up, I heard about the friendships that people have made throughout being on this team and I felt that this would be a very positive aspect of my senior year. After experiencing being a part of this team, I have definitely gained a lot of joy and made so many new friendships. Shelby Photography has made my senior year unforgettable!”

“My favorite family trip was to Panama City Beach because I made so many amazing memories with my family. Every year it has been my tradition to go to Panama City with my family and I am so incredibly thankful for the memories that we continue to create.”

“My favorite event during my senior year was my senior night for football cheerleading! Getting to perform in front of a huge crowd really meant a lot to me and I am so thankful for the opportunity!”


“My favorite sport to watch is definitely basketball! Being a cheerleader for basketball all 4 years of high school has definitely sparked an interest in the sport and I thoroughly enjoy it. My favorite sport to play would be dancing. I love the joy that is brought to me when I perform on stage in front of crowds!”

“I have no filter and I love to tell everyone everything! LOL!”

“I was a competitive dancer for 13 years so that has been a big part of growing up. When I turned 16, I wanted to get straight to work to start saving up money for college so I got a job as a hostess at Texas Roadhouse. As I have worked more time at Texas Roadhouse, I have quickly moved up to different positions and become a trainer!

  1. My favorite singer is Morgan Wallen! Country music is my absolute favorite 🙂
  2. My favorite restaurant is Po Folks in Florida and I love to order the Fried Chicken dinner with okra!
  3. A moment that I am most proud of is making the deans list at ICC!
  4. My favorite family recipe is the homemade chicken and noodles!
  5. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it would definitely be Captain Crunch cereal and hazelnut coffee!
  6. The most daring thing that I’ve ever done would have to be going on an upside down ride at the Turkey Festival.
  7. The perfect day in my opinion, would be waking up to breakfast in bed and then going to the beach to tan all day.
  8. My favorite candy is Airheads!
  9. have two dogs! My dog, Cocoa is a Shipoo and is 11 years old. I got him for my 7th birthday! My dog, Phoebe is a Chipin and just recently turned a year old. I got her for Christmas last year 🙂
  10. Favorite Quote: “When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.” Isaiah 66:22

“My favorite holiday would most definitely be Christmas! I love all of the joy that surrounds the season. My favorite holiday family traditions include going to my grandparents houses with my parents and drinking coffee while watching holiday movies.”

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