Hanna Moeller | East Peoria High School | Class of 2022

January 24, 2022

I’m so excited to introduce Class of 2022 senior from East Peoria High School, Hanna Moeller!  Hanna made her mark on my heart as soon as I met her with her kind, sweet personality.  She has this natural beauty that takes my breath away every time she is in front of my camera.  I just can’t get enough and I always look forward to seeing her.   Hanna would describe herself as friendly and helpful. “I always want to help other make them feel welcome and love making connections with other people.”

After high school, Hanna plans on attending ICC for two years and then transferring to a 4-yr university to major in speech language pathology.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a famous singer (even though I can’t sing at all!!)

“I am apart of Younglife and I help out at my church with different volunteer services! I also work at Dairy Queen. My hobbies include being obsessed with Netflix show. On the other hand, I like to run and also like to try new iced coffees I my free time.”

Favorite Quote: “Faith is believing without seeing”

I have 4 cats! George, Snickers, Bubba, and Noel.

“My great aunt Judy was really important in my life. She passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in late December 2019 and that really changed me as a person. She was such a light in my life and that was the first kind of big thing to happen and affect me in my life. I always tell people about her when I get the chance as she really impacted me and made me the person I am today!

“My favorite childhood memory is when my cousin and I would always stick stickers on all of our family members at our family reunions without them knowing. We would act like we were giving them a hug and then put stickers on their backs and we thought it was the funniest thing in the world!  My favorite family trip was to Myrtle beach in South Carolina because it was so beautiful there and I had so much fun!”

“The best things about my mom is her helpfulness. She is always more than willing to help people and make them happy before herself. She recently decided to change her career and become a nurse because her wanting to help others was so strong and I think that is beautiful. The best thing about my dad is is hard working, positive, never give up attitude. It inspires me everyday how he sees the good and feels the need to keep working at things you believe in, no matter how hard they are.”

“My hero is my grandpa because he is the person I aspire to be like one day. Despite everything he has been through, he is so strong, caring, funny, helpful, and loving. He wants everything plus more in this life for me and I can’t thank him enough.”

Some random Hanna facts and fun:

  1. Harry styles is my absolute favorite singer. You can guess from that that I also love one direction. I also love Taylor Swift and The Weeknd.
  2. Sour Patch kids are my favorite candy
  3. My favorite drink is an iced caramel macchatio!
  4. Favorite family recipe: My moms homemade chicken noodle soup! It is so good and I always look forward to when she makes it.
  5. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and ice cream!
  6. Three things on my bucket list: Go on a vacation with a group of friends, get front row seats at a concert, and get a meaningful tattoo.
  7. Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden.  I always get the grilled chicken fettuccine Alfredo, I have never gotten anything else there.
  8. I have 22 blankets in my room!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The weirdest thing I have ever eaten is rotten milk!
  10. My perfect day would be described like this: First I would get free iced coffee and chick fil a for breakfast. Then I would spend the day hanging out with my friends at the beach and shopping. At night I would go to a Harry styles concert (front row of course) and end the day with a huge ice cream bar with all of the important people in my life!

“My favorite holiday is Christmas. One of my favorite holiday traditions is our Iowa family Christmas party. All of my dads side of the family (which is huge) stays at this hotel every year about a week or two after Christmas and we have a big party in the hotel lobby. The adults do a big white elephant exchange while the kids swim, play uno, or ride up and down the elevators all night. It’s the one time a year I get to see most of my family that lives in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. It is literally the most fun day of the year and I love getting to see all of my family and just never stop laughing with them.”

Hanna is very involved in school and participates in basketball, cross country, track, student council, and link crew.  “I most look forward to either one of my senior nights for cross country or basketball. That is really the end to my sports seasons for the rest of my life and I just am excited to see what the underclass men put together to end my season, which will be sad, but senior night is so fun!  A moment I am most proud of is when I won a sportsmanship award. I always try and have really good sportsmanship whenever I am playing sports or just in life in general. I try to just be overall positive and I am proud that I won that award and can inspire others to also stay positive!”

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