Reilly O’Laughlin | East Peoria Community High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

August 18, 2019

Meet the drop-dead, gorgeous Reils.. Rellyroo… Reilly O’Laughlin, Class of 2020 senior from East Peoria High School.   She has a positive, contagious personality that just makes a person want to be near her and we didn’t want our time together to come to an end because we were having so much fun!

She is a busy student and involved in lots of school activities including the Dance Team, Student Council, Link Crew, Revive Club, and Prom committee. She dances 4 nights a weeks at MLSD and then also teaches the 3-7 yr old classes throughout the week.  Her hobbies include coloring, listening to music and watching sitcoms.  After high school, Reilly plans on going to Cosmetology school.  This year, she is looking forward to Prom because she loves getting “dolled up” and dancing all night with her friends. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Moore (her fashions teacher) because “she is the nicest lady I have ever met. She always pushes me to be my best!”  Advice to incoming freshman: “Join as many things as you can that you enjoy because high school is only as fun as you make it and don’t let one little thing ruin your day…You only get 4 years and time will fly by.”

“My hero is my dance teacher Philip Durkee…He not only has been a person that I have looked up to in my dance community for many years since I was about 5., but he is also one of the happiest people I have ever met. He always is concerned about others around him and tries to help in any way needed and I am sure he isn’t even aware of how he has inspired me or the impact he has had on me just by being my friend.”

A moment she is most proud of is when she turned 16. ” bought my own car by myself. It isn’t a new car but its safe and parent-approved and its MINE!!!”

Here are some of Reilly’s fun facts and favorites:


  1. My favorite family recipe is my mom’s spinach lasagna
  2. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be pizza
  3. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is goldfish and peanut butter
  4. The best thing about my parents is that  they are my BEST friends and yes, we fight but they wouldn’t be doing their job if we didn’t.  I just love that they trust me and have my back no matter what. I have always had rules and guidelines to follow but also know that I can always count on them… LOVE YOU GUYS!!
  5. My favorite childhood memories is when I was younger, my family and I would go to Six Flags and get a family caricature made.
  6. My favorite family trip was to Niagra Falls because I had Nationals in Pennsylvania and my mom wanted to see Niagara falls so we went and saw it in the day time and at night to see it in all its glory.
  7. My favorite holiday tradition would have to be when my brother and I wake up early and talk about how the day is going to go. At a reasonable time in the morning, we wake our parents up. they get up and coffee and we make cinnamon rolls. Then my parents start making dinner, while one of us helps our parents the other sibling goes down the street to get our grandpa. Once all of us have had dinner we move to the living room and watch a hockey game, or an old movie or older tv shows. Then somewhere in there, they all talk about growing up… I know this is crazy but I enjoy spending time with my family.

Three things on my bucket list include 1. Eat alligator 2. See tourist attractions along Route 66 3. Go to the Smithsonian


  1. I know every word to almost every song in my music library plus a ton more.  When I was younger i would try and sing along to radio in the car and my dad told me I couldnt sing unless I knew all the words to the song…Soooo CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. LOL it backfired on him and now he has to listen to me 🙂
  2. My favorite sport to watch is my brother playing hockey. My favorite sport to participate in is Dance
  3. I love listening to everything except today country big fan of the 80s, love 50s 60s 70s, Motown, 90s 00s and a little R & B
  4. Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s a gorgeous time of year and always puts me in a good mood
  5. The most daring thing I have ever done is pet a baby shark
  6. If I could travel any where in the world, I would travel to Milan, Italy because our school has a foreign exchange student and we have become really good friends. and she wants me to visit her which I would love to someday.
  7. I would describe my personality as kind, goofy, and I can be a bit silly.  I get overwhelmed in large crowds for a long period of time, but feel that I am very outgoing.
  8. I am a Disney FANATIC…I have seen all of the movies, I know almost every word to every Disney song, can quote all the movies, and I still haven’t been to Disney which I hope to go someday.
  9. My usual school style is comfy, cute, sporty, and with my hair left down or up in a messy bun
  10. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? I LOVE your work everyone looks flawless when they are photographed by you! Everyone looks so natural with their expressions and they look just like models.”

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