Nathan Lee | Class of 2019 Washington Community High School senior pictures

September 11, 2018

Meet one of the sweetest guys I have ever photographed! Nathan Lee, Class of 2019 senior from Washington Community High School.  Spending time with him taking his senior pictures was such a fun time and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was such a hunk!  I mean check out those baby blues and that smile… swwwwwoooooooonn!   And bonus: He can do an impressive back flip!

Nathan is super active in school and participates in lots of clubs including Spanish Club, Science Club, Washington Leadership Club, Pep Club and also plays soccer, club soccer and he’s on the diving team, phew!!  He enjoys working out a lot, hanging with his friends, playing soccer, and reading. When he was a little guy, he dreamed of being a veterinarian but now plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering while attending Butler.  His favorite class in high school happens to be Spanish because “it introduces new cultures and I want to become fluent because it’s a cool language!”  The event he is most looking forward to during his senior year would be Prom because it’s a time when he can enjoy being with his friends and making fun memories.  He also can’t wait until Spring Break… a trip with only his friends and looks forward to the feeling of independence and knows it will be a fun time!  Advice to incoming freshman: “To get involved, whether that be by sitting in the student section or joining clubs, because it helps you make friends which ultimately makes high school a more enjoyable experience.”

Nathan would describe his perfect day like this: “I would wake up on the coast of Santorini, Greece in one of those cool white houses. Then, I’d fly to Athens and visit the Parthenon and learn about the Ancient Greek culture.”  (I like the way he rolls!)

A moment he is most proud of is traveling to Ecuador to help spread God’s light to an impoverished region of the world.  The necklace he wears in the 2nd outfit comes from his recent travels to Ecuador.. loved it!  His hero is “My little friend Miguel, who I met on a mission trip to Ecuador. He’s my hero because although his family has little to no money, and his right leg is under grown, he was the happiest kid I’ve ever met and it taught me more about appreciating more in life and making the most of any situation”


Nathan comes from a super close knit family.  He has two sisters, and two brothers.. I have been lucky enough to photograph each one of them so far, only one more Lee to go!  He told me the best thing about his mom was her sense of humor that “makes my siblings and me laugh constantly!”  About his dad.. “His open-mindedness in regard to other people and his ability to rationalize”

My favorite family trip was to California, because we didn’t do a lot of touristy stuff, we just chilled and it was really relaxing and definitely needed.

Favorite childhood memory? Watching my little sister wipe out on a skateboard and laughing about it with her afterwards!

What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Going to my aunt’s every Thanksgiving to eat a good meal and spend time with family.

Favorite holiday? Christmas, Our family makes monkey bread together and eat on Christmas morning with everyone in the living room.


What’s your favorite family recipe? Pumpkin cookies because my mom only makes them once a year and every time I eat them I’m reminded of my childhood

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Orange chicken and fried rice from Panda Express

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Blutwurst, which is the german word for blood sausage


What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Ziplining between the Rio towers in Las Vegas

Who is your favorite singer and song? Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Name three things that are on your bucket list to do in life? Skydive, Go on a safari in Africa, Swim in the Dead Sea

Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? Because my siblings did too and they had an enjoyable time getting their senior pictures done.  They seem to capture the personality of the person photographed really well.”

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