A 70’s inspired Shelby Senior session

September 14, 2018

A 70’s inspired senior session

A few years ago, my assistant, Stephanie and I were in Washington traveling home from a shoot when we saw this very cool VW bus pass us on the road. We  looked at each other with a huge smile and thought the exact same thing.. Follow That Bus!!  You see, we are constantly dreaming up ideas for unique themed shoots with my Shelby Senior model team and a 70’s inspired shoot has always been a conversation.

Thankfully, after stalking the VW bus for a few blocks,  it came to a rest at a local school. (I would have traveled miles, LOL)   I pulled up next to the driver praying he didn’t think I was a total freak for following him!    I  introduced myself  and luckily he wasn’t scared away by my excitement of the possibility of using his bus as a prop for a 70’s inspired shoot in the future.  Bottom line, he was just a really nice dad with a fun, eclectic style who was more than willing to let me use it!   I put his contact info in my phone as “Trevor Bus” and from time to time, Stephanie and I would thing about the 70’s shoot and wonder if Trevor still had the bus??  Fast forward three years, and I texted him to see if we could set up the themed session with the VW bus.  He said, “sure, but it’s not running right now.”  My heart sunk a little, but then he said, “I have it parked in an alley next to my house and you are welcome to photograph it there if you want!”  The next day, I scouted out the area only to find that it was positioned perfectly with beautiful light in a wonderful little spot.  Happy dance was in progress!!   I asked my Shelby Seniors to wear 70’s/hippie fashion that would coordinate with the scene and this is what they came up with!  They were the CUTEST  and although it was literally one of the hottest days of the month, it was totally groovy baby!

Special thanks to “Trevor Bus” for letting us use his very cool VW bus.

Also a huge shout out to Shelby Miller, owner of Organic Arrow for adding her amazing natural gemstone bracelets and rings as the cutest accents to the girls’ outfits as well as Carlie Geike for letting us use her beautiful macrame pieces as props!




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