Mallory Bahler | Class of 2019 senior Prairie Central High School

September 5, 2018

Hello Beautiful!  Introducing the loveable, Class of 2019 senior from Prairie Central High School… Mallory Bahler!!

Not sure where Prairie Central HS is?  It’s in the charming little town of Fairbury and I LOVED it!!   This was one of my very favorite sessions because it was so personal to Mallory.   We captured her on the farm with her horses, donkeys (Millie and Tillie) her dog and she even had a rabbit!   We also went on site to her dad’s small business, Bahler Trucking and it was the first time ever that I saw the inside of a semi truck! (I wanted to be a semi-truck driver when I was a little girl, so I was thrilled, LOL!)

Mallory would describe herself as outgoing and positive individual who loves animals.   So much that she wants to go to college after high school and major in science.   She is a very busy girl and participates in band and volleyball. Mrs. Getchius is one of her favorite teachers and her favorite class is science because “I  can apply what I learn in Science class out in the real world.”  She loves to go to any and all sporting events because of the fun environment and the event she most looks forward to this year is graduation!   During Mallory’s free time, she enjoys riding her horses and playing with her dog.  She would describe her “perfect day” and spending the entire day with all kinds of dogs!  As far as advice to incoming freshman, “try your best in every class.”


My hero is my mom because she always helps me & knows the answers to everything!

What is your favorite childhood memory? Getting my first horse

My favorite family trip was to Disney world because that is my favorite place in this whole world

What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Eating together as a whole family and with my grandparents

What is the best thing about your Mom/Dad? They love each other so much & me & my siblings see it every day & it’s a great example for each of us


What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Brussel sprouts

What’s your favorite family recipe? Broccoli slaw because I’ve never tasted a salad so delicious

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Orange chicken & fried rice from Panda Express


Who is your favorite singer and/or band or song? Rae Sremmurd, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, P!nk, Adele, Lana Del Rey, I listen to all kinds of music. I love any kind

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? White water rafting in the royal gorge in Colorado

Nickname? Mal

List something random and fun about yourself:  I don’t eat meat except for orange chicken at Panda Express haha!

Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits?  I loved how your photos showed the natural beauty of people. It shows their natural beauty & you don’t ruin the photos by doing tons of filters


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