Marleigh Kuhn | Dee-Mack High School Class of 2020 Senior Pictures

September 17, 2019

Meet Marleigh Kuhn, Class of 2020 Senior from Dee-Mack High School!  Some would describe Mar as quiet, others (like me or those that know her well enough) would call her sassy with a hilarious sense of humor.  Everyone that meets her would describe her as kind and absolutely stunning!!

After high school, Marleigh plans on attending West Virginia University to major in Forensic Science.  That’s a far cry from what she wanted to do when she was a little girl.. she wanted to be a tattoo artist!  ☺️ Somehow, I can see her doing both someday, tee hee!  One of Marleigh’s favorite teachers would have to be Mrs. Mac “because her AP Bio class was the most fun class of my high school experience.”

This year, she is most looking forward to her last homecoming.  She loves football games and the Pep Band and the band plays fun songs.  Marleigh is on the student council, FCCLA, Scholastic Bowl, plays softball, and she is a member of the National Honor Society!  Outside of school, she is on the Tremont Torpedoes Swim Team, works at Easter Seals as a lifeguard, and participates in mission trips.

Marleigh would describe her “perfect day” as watching Netflix with a good cup of coffee, and then paddle boarding on the lake and just chilling!

Three things on my bucket list include 1. Skydiving 2. Getting a really big dog 3. Travel to Europe

Here are some of Marleigh’s fun facts and favorites!


  1. The most unusual thing I’ve ever eaten is chocolate with cactus filling
  2. My favorite childhood memory is when my brother and I would play videogames together
  3. Traveling to the East Coast was one of my favorite family trips. I love New York City!
  4. Grand Jo’s biscuits and gravy are my favorite family recipe
  5. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be Ramen
  6. The best thing about my mom is that she has always taken care of me, but also prepared me for the real world and she has always pushes me to be better.


  1. My hero is Marie Curie because she was a brilliant scientist who also fought for women’s rights.
  2. My favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  3. The most daring thing I’ve ever done is climb a waterfall
  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
  5. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Giethroon, Holland where canals are used for transportation with kayaks.
  6. I have a cat named Hank who is 25 pounds and has 6 toes on each foot
  7. Favorite color to wear – deep tones of green because it brings out the green in my eyes
  8. Current favorite fashion trend – I like wearing flannels and cool styles of jeans.
  9. Why did you choose Shelby Photography to photograph your senior portraits? Shelby Photography did an amazing job with my brother’s photos. I liked how the pictures accented their natural beauty and the pictures didn’t look fake.

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