Brinley Beck | Eureka High School Class of 2020 Senior Pictures

September 22, 2019

Meet Brinley Beck, confident, blond, blue-eyed, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, bubbly, shy when you first meet her but fun and crazy once you get to know her, sweet, kind, and encouraging Class of 2020 senior from Eureka High School!  Brinley also has an obsession for McDonald’s chicken nuggets. She can chow down on a 10 piece like no other!! LOL

After high school, Brinley plans on attending college (she’s hoping Baylor) and wants to study Biology or Biochemistry. Her favorite high school teacher is Miss Kelly who was her Physics teacher her senior year. “She is the best!! Her personality is so fun and she made a hard subject extremely enjoyable. She is the funniest person I have met, but is also so encouraging and motivated me to always do my best. My favorite class is any science related class, but I also really enjoy Spanish.”    I asked Brinley to describe a moment that she is most proud of and this is what she said… “Junior year was the toughest year for me academically so far. The classes I took were challenging and the SAT was stressful. I managed to keep my 4.0 and got a score higher than I ever thought I could on the SAT. I was extremely proud of myself that I stayed motivated and worked hard to accomplish what I wanted to this year.”

What advice would you give incoming high school freshman? Enjoy it. School is often not fun, but surround yourself with people who make it enjoyable. High school goes by so so so fast and you will regret it if you waste your time wishing to be done with school instead of enjoying it while you can.

“I am looking forward to her school dances.  I love dressing up and having my hair and makeup done. Memories from homecoming and prom will always be some of my favorite. I love dancing and having a fun night with all my best friends.  I’m also excited for all of the football games.  Cheering for football games has always been a highlight of every year and being a captain this year makes the experience even better! I love my team and the friendships I have made throughout the years and I cherish my one last season with my best friends.” In school, Brinley participates in Cheerleading, Student Council and she is a member of the National Honor Society.

This summer, she was a lifeguard at the Morton pool and she made some great friends who she would have never met otherwise. “I’m so glad that I decided to become a lifeguard!”   Brinley love to bake, play guitar, and go for walks.

Here is Brinley’s description of her “perfect day”: I would wake up around 9 and eat a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. I would spend the day hanging out with friends doing whatever. It could be shopping or swimming or watching movies or anything. I love going to concerts so it would end with one by Taylor Swift preferably. I would have to get McDonald’s chicken nuggets at some point in the day for it to really be considered perfect.

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Travel to Europe 2. Go Skydiving 3. Have a family

Here are some of Brinley’s fun facts and favorites:


  1. My hero is my mom because she always encourages me to do my best. She is my best friend and always guides me and reminds me I am loved when I feel down.
  2. My favorite family trip was to Montana last summer because the area was beautiful. The mountains, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park were gorgeous. I saw the beauty of God’s creation and had a wonderful time with my family.
  3. Favorite childhood memory: Boating with my family when we lived in Michigan. Spending the day on the lake was always super fun and I made so many memories with my friends and family.
  4. What’s your favorite family recipe? My mom’s lasagna is the best!
  5. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I loved Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic bread. I could definitely eat it everyday.
  6. Favorite holiday tradition: I love decorating the Christmas tree and always beg my parents to let me put it up before Thanksgiving, but they make me wait. I love waking up Christmas morning and opening presents and just being happy with my family.
  7. The best thing about my mom is her love for others. She is always helping other people and constantly putting me and my siblings before her. The best thing about my dad is how hard he works for my family and his love for us. He always makes sure we are safe and happy. Both my parents show me an immense amount of love and support and I can not thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me the past 17 years. They have always been my biggest supporters and I love them both so much.



  1. My nicknames include Brin and Brinners!
  2. I love Taylor Swift and have since I was little. Choosing a favorite song by her would be too difficult. I currently have an obsession with the Jonas Brothers. My favorite song off their new album is “Don’t Throw it Away” at the moment, but it changes everyday. I love Luke Combs as well and some of my favorites are “Beautiful Crazy” and “Must’ve Never Met You”.
  3. I love watching baseball and the only sport I play is cheerleading, but I also enjoy playing volleyball with friends just for fun.
  4. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would want to go to Europe and travel to all the countries. There are just too many beautiful places in Europe to narrow it down to just once country. I would definitely want to see Paris if I had to pick one place.
  5. What’s your current favorite fashion trend? I love high waisted jeans and shorts.
  6. What’s your usual school style? I tend to dress nicer for school. I like to wear dresses some days, but high waisted jeans and a cute shirt is my go to.
  7. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? All the pictures I have seen by Shelby Photography are gorgeous. There has not been a single photo that I think looks anything less than perfect and I have total confidence that my senior pictures will turn out just as great!

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