Maddi Phillips | Dunlap High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

August 26, 2019

Introducing the fun, outgoing, silly, super smart, easy-going, stunning, Maddi Phillips, Class of 2020 senior from Dunlap High School!  This year, she is most looking forward to Friday Night Lights with all of her friends!  She loves cheering on the Eagles in the cheering section.  Maddi is also looking forward to all of her school dances, getting dressed up and dancing/singing with her friends.  She is a busy girl.. participating in Cross Country and numerous clubs as well as Competite Dance at DDP.  Maddi loves animals and works at Meadowbrook Vet Clinic in Peoria. She also loves baking, running, decorating, and of course, shopping!   Her favorite class throughout high school has been Chemistry during her sophomore year. “I am good at match and science and I really enjoyed the numerous labs and the concepts we covered in the class.  My favorite teacher along the way has been Mr. Hatch who teaches Spanish. He has an ability to teach us life lessons everyday and has a heart for making sure he helps his students become amazing people!”  Maddi has great advice for incoming freshman… don’t get caught up in drama, love your absolute best life, go to as many football games as possible, make new friends, don’t procrastinate, and smile! It will only get better from here!  After high school, Maddi plans on attending MIZZOU to study Biochemistry.

Maddi would describe her “perfect day” like this – “I would wake up at a decent time and not sleep in super late because then my whole day would be wasted..  After a  morning run and I would go out for breakfast somewhere with friends followed by baking or shopping and then tanning by the pool. In the evening, I would get ready for a cute dinner with friends and then take some pics and finish with a great movie!”

Here are some of Maddi’s fun facts and favorites!


  1. My favorite holiday tradition with the family is our scavenger hunt on Christmas morning for our “big” gifts
  2. Every holiday, my mom makes her famous sugar cookies that are delicious!
  3. During the Christmas season, we bake tons of different treats!
  4. My hero is my mom. She has put up with me for my whole life and loves me through it all. She has been through so much I can’t even begin to explain. She has truly showed me how to be an amazing person on the inside and outsidehe has put up with me for my whole life and loves me through it all. She has been through so much I can’t even begin to explain. She has truly showed me how to be an amazing person on the inside and outside
  5. My parents are so so supportive of me. I can’t express how much they support me through thick and thin. They have been with me through the rough and easy patches. They also love me so dearly and I hope to one day be able to love my kids as much as they love me.
  6. My favorite family trip was last year when my parents surprised my sister and I with a trip to Florida right after school got out.  I love, love, love the beach. It was laid back and relaxing and we had a very fun time with just the family!
  7. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be Penne Chicken Alfredo Pasta
  8. One of my favorite childhood memories is when we had my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents) came down for Christmas when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I loved having everyone in the same place and I love big families!


  1. One of the most daring things I have ever done is facing my fear of crazy rides and going on the Superman at Six Flags
  2. If I could travel anywhere in the wold, I would go to to the Maldives because I love the beach and the photos look so beautiful
  3. DDP “Day of Dance” is better than Christmas-it’s the Sunday before regionals and all the competition kids do their dances in front of each other and we get to see everyone!!
  4. Favorite singers – Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, Khladi, Billie Eilish, and Luke Combs
  5. A moment that I’m most proud of is when my small dance team made it to Nationals last year. We came in as the underdog and did not expect to move on to finals!!
  6. When I was little I fell off chairs at restaurants around 5 times and each time the waiter felt bad so they gave me a free dessert:)
  7. My favorite fashion trend at the moment is Big vintage tshirts
  8. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? I have followed Shelby Photography on Instagram for a little over a year and love her work!!  And I have friends that have gotten their pictures done with you! When I see the pictures I see their personalities reflected in their outfit and selection of location. I love how you make sure their pictures are a reflection of that individual!

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