Abbi Nolte | Metamora Township High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

August 29, 2019

Meet this bubbly, sweet, outgoing, lovely Class of 2020 senior, Abbi Nolte from Metamora Township High School!

After high school, Abbi plans on attending college to major in nursing. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a teacher!  This year, she is most looking forward to her senior prom because she loves dressing up and dancing and spending time making memories with her friends. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Hicks who teaches English. “She is a great person to learn from and had a fun personality. Writing comes easy to me and I love the teacher that teaches it!” She loves attending football games because of the atmosphere, dressing up with themes and cheering the Redbirds on with her friends.  In school she participates in Tennis and Cheer.  Some moments she is most proud of would have to be after her team performs senior night routines. “We put so much time and effort into our routines and to have all of our stunts hit is a huge accomplishment!”   Outside of school, she babysits and works at the pool in the front desk. As far as advice to incoming freshman – “Be yourself, get involved, and it will make the experience 10X better!”

Abbi would describe her “perfect day” as waking up and having an acaí bowl.  “Then I would get into my swimsuit and go out on the lake all day and doing lots of fun activities.  After the lake, I would get showered and dressed up in cute clothes and go out for dinner with all of my friends!”

Here are some of Abbi’s fun facts and favorites:


  1. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my grandmas every Christmas, decorating our tree and decorating cookies with my whole family
  2. My hero is my mom because she does so much for me and she always does it with kindness
  3. My favorite family trip was to Florida because I absolutely love the beach and it was so fun.
  4. Mint brownies are my favorite family recipe. They are so good!
  5. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be acaí bowls
  6. My favorite childhood memory is going up to my grandpas every year for Christmas.
  7. The best thing about my mom and dad is how much they care about me. I know they will do anything for me and it means so much. They support me in anything I do and will do anything to help me succeed.


  1. If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Greece, the Maldives, and Paris because they all look absolutely gorgeous!
  2. I love country music so I love Dan + Shay and Florida Georgia Line. All their songs are amazing.
  3. My favorite sport to watch is basketball. My favorite sport to play is tennis.
  4. I love little kids!
  5. My favorite fashion trend right now are the Steve Madden platform sandals. I think they are so cute and can look good with almost any outfit.
  6. My usual school style are leggings or shorts with a t shirt or sweatshirt.  I love shopping at Dry Goods, American Eagle and Hollister
  7. I chose Shelby Photography to take my senior pictures because they have always caught my eye and I never saw any other senior pictures that I liked better than these. Every girl looks so gorgeous in their pictures.. I loved how clear and bright they looked, I didn’t see any other photographers that had better quality photos than Shelby Photography ☺️

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