Claire Mitchell | Eastland High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

September 3, 2019

Meet Claire Mitchell, Class of 2020 senior from Eastland High School!!  Her exact words during her ordering session were, “I’m so picky when it comes to having my picture taken. I didn’t expect to like them, but I am surprised and I love them all!!”  Dear Claire.. I have news for you, my camera loooooves taking your photo and let’s do it again soon!!!  You are gorgeous!!

Claire would describe her personality as caring, silly, playful, adventurous, and happy!  She is also super smart and wants to attend college to major in PreMed/Biology. She is super active in school and participates in  Student Council, National Honor Society, FCCLA, and Cinema Club.  A moment in her life that she is most proud of is getting inducted into the National Honor Society!   Outside of school, she is a competitive dancer and she has been dancing since the age of 3 and loves it! She also lifeguards in the summer, loves traveling and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Stoner.  “She always makes her classes fun and interesting. My favorite class if biology or human anatomy. I love science and learning about the human body!”  This year, she is most looking forward to all of the school dances. “Getting dressed up and dancing is so fun!” Here is some of her advice to incoming freshman: “Be open to new experiences! Don’t have a set idea of something, especially with negative feelings! Think for yourself and always be kind!”

Claire would describe her “perfect day” like this: “My perfect day I would be in LA with all my best friends! We would go to the beach, dance classes, and see a concert!  And of course.. my dog would be there too!”

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Go skydiving 2. Scuba dive 3. Jump down a waterfall!

Here are some of Claire’s fun facts and favorites:


  1. My favorite family trip was to Vietnam! It was super a cool, eye-opening experience that I will never forget.
  2. My favorite childhood memories are definitely traveling with my family!  One funny memory is finding a fish with my brother in Hawaii and freaking out over it!
  3. Favorite family recipe? My grandma’s meatballs! They are so yummy and always remind me of happy times!
  4. The best thing about my parents is how much they shine through anything! They always are ready to cheer me on and back me up 100%!
  5. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is snails
  6. My hero is probably my grandma! She didn’t have an easy life but was still the most caring person i ever met! I try to be like she in every way I can!
  7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Seafood
  8. I have a twin brother!


  1. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday
  2. The most daring thing I have ever done is jump off a tree into the river
  3. I have had the opportunity to travel a lot with my family. I would love to go to Tokyo
  4. My nickname is Claire Mary 😉
  5. My favorite singers/bands include Amine, Bazzi, Billie Eilish, Blackbear, Bryce Vine, Daniel Caesar, Juice Wrld, Khalid, Lewis Capaldi
  6. My favorite color to wear is yellow, it’s so happy!  My favorite fashion trend right now is tube tops and platform strappy shoes
  7. My usual school style can be everything from dresses to rompers to a sweatshirt and leggings!
  8. I chose Shelby Photography to take my senior pictures because, I absolutely love your work and the way the pictures capture the happiness of senior year! I love all the bright colors, the clothes, and the flowers/nature!

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