Wendy Paddock | Dee-Mack High School | Class of 2022

Central IL high school senior photographer   Meet the love-able and absolutely lovely, Class of 2022 senior, Wendy Paddock from Dee-Mack High School.  She has the most beautiful smile and the cutest laugh!!  After graduation, she plans on attending University of Michigan to major in Criminal Psychology.  Her favorite teacher throughout the years was her […]


Ellie Shissler | Dunlap High School | Class of 2022

Meet Ellie Shissler, Class of 2022 senior from Dunlap High School.  She has a heart of gold; she is filled with kindness and has a very caring attitude. Ellie is funny, outgoing, creative, and absolutely beautiful!  I have enjoyed every moment of her presence as a Shelby Senior this year!  After graduation, Ellie plans on attending […]


Grace Therkildsen | Richwoods High School | Class of 2022

Meet the lovely, kind, super-sweet, hardworking, funny, blue-eyed, blond, beautiful senior, Grace Therkildsen, Class of 2022 senior from Richwoods High School! Grace plans on attending Arizona State University after graduation and dreams to be a nurse.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a pop star. ☺︎  She is looking forward to […]


Abigail Miller | Henry-Senachwine High School | Class of 2022

I’m excited to introduce Class of 2022 senior from Henry-Senachwine High School, Abigail Miller! She is a fun, outgoing, gorgeous, bubbly, bookworm who plans on attending college at IVCC to major in education after high school graduation.  Abby is super active in school and participates in cheerleading, softball, Red Krush and the Lady Mallard Athletic […]


Merisa Gossick | Class of 2022 | Pekin Community High School

Meet Merisa Gossick, Class of 2022 senior from Pekin Community High School!!  Merisa has a huge heart, sweet personality, and she’s full of bubbly, fun, and outgoing energy! Getting to know her (and her mama) has been a highlight of my year.  She is always a joy to photograph and hang out with! After graduation, […]


Jaden Watts | Midwest Central High School | Class of 2022

Meet the lovely, kind, caring, fun-loving, talented, determined, and absolutely stunning, Class of 2022 senior, Jaden Watts from Midwest Central High School!  The future is bright for this angel in the outfield who plans on attending the University of Illinois Springfield to pursue a degree in either Political Science or Psychology.  Jaden happens to be […]


Taylor Gardner | Metamora Township High School | Class of 2022

Meet the darling, vivacious, sweet and sociable, love-able, blond, bubbly, babe who happens to be a “miracle child” (I’ll explain later) She also happens to have a 4.26GPA and has held an “A” in every class she has ever been in since getting letter grades in grade school! She is in the National Honor Society […]


Kaylie Hammel | East Peoria High School | Class of 2022

Meet the beautiful, outgoing, funny, driven, super- smart, senior… Kaylie Hammel from East Peoria High School!   After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career in nursing.  And it’s time to brag….she has been accepted into Iowa Wesleyan with an invite for the prestigious Presidential full scholarship award, Indiana with an academic scholarship and now […]


Colleen Glatz | Dunlap High School | Class of 2022

Meet the vibrant, bubbly, sweet, silly, and beautiful, Class of 2022 senior from Dunlap High School, Colleen Glatz!!  “I am a very outgoing person once you get to know me. I am definitely a very funny and fun person to be around.  I love to make people laugh!” Colleen’s plans after graduation includes majoring in […]


Hanna Moeller | East Peoria High School | Class of 2022

I’m so excited to introduce Class of 2022 senior from East Peoria High School, Hanna Moeller!  Hanna made her mark on my heart as soon as I met her with her kind, sweet personality.  She has this natural beauty that takes my breath away every time she is in front of my camera.  I just […]






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