Merisa Gossick | Class of 2022 | Pekin Community High School

March 5, 2022

Meet Merisa Gossick, Class of 2022 senior from Pekin Community High School!!  Merisa has a huge heart, sweet personality, and she’s full of bubbly, fun, and outgoing energy! Getting to know her (and her mama) has been a highlight of my year.  She is always a joy to photograph and hang out with!

After graduation, Merisa plans on attending college and wants to be a nurse. She is looking forward to graduation day “because it’s an exciting step into a new chapter towards my future! I’m also looking forward to prom.  I love getting glammed up and breaking it down on the dance floor with my friends.”

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Odle who was my AP Literature teacher junior year. She is very encouraging and flexible with students. Definitely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My favorite class is the Health Occupations class that our school offers. I enjoy it so much because I’m working towards my career goals and my friends are also in the class so we get to work together and have a good time while learning.  In school, I participate in cheer and outside of school, I teach younger boys and girls how to tumble, cheer, and do gymnastics. I also volunteer as what we call a Dragon Day Leader where upper class men show the incoming freshman around Pekin High School campus and get them used to our large school.”



“I love to go hiking. Nature is just so pretty and peaceful plus it’s a good cardio work out!”

“My perfect day would be would waking up early to watch the sunrise with starbucks coffee (preferably on the beach). Later my friends, family, and I would go to cheesecake factory and have lunch. After lunch we would walk it off by going shopping! Then after shopping my friends and I would go swimming, hang out, and watch the sunset. Lastly we would end the night with a bonfire and some sweets.”

Three things on my bucket list: Go skydiving, travel the world, and try a macaroon!

“My favorite sport to watch is football with my dad because we are both very competitive. My favorite sport to do is competitive cheer because after you finish the routine, you gets such an overwhelming feeling of joy and accomplishment.”

“I know every Taylor Swift song from her Fearless and Speak Now album! My first concert was her 1989 album at soldier feild. I’m also loving Ariana Grande right now too!


If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be filet mignon with mashed potatoes and a Smoothie King afterward!

I’m not a hard candy kind of person, but I do love dark chocolate!

My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.  I always get the Mac n Cheese Burger… it’s amazing!

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. On thanksgiving, my family gathers at my aunt’s house who lives on a farm so we will go out and see the pasture with all the cows.

The most daring thing I have ever done is gone parasailing with my mom in Florida

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is Octopus

Favorite colors: Pastel pink and Red

I love to drink Chai tea and water!

I have one dog and her name is Sophia but we call her Sophie. She is a Yorkie and the cutest thing ever!

My favorite family trip was to Clearwater, Florida. I love the beach and the sunrises! We had gone parasailing which is so peaceful. We also went jet skiing which was awesome!

A favorite childhood memory – I have family that lives in Florida and they live out in the country so we would ride in the back of a truck and pick oranges. we also went four wheeling which was really cool.

Favorite family recipe: Pumpkin Bars

“I am very proud for challenging myself academically when I signed up for AP classes. Also during Covid I was able to stay self motivated and do all my home work. During our NCA cheer camp I got awarded the technical excellence award. The award was given to me because during the camp our instructor didn’t have to give me many corrections. When a stunt wasn’t hitting and our instructor gave everyone in our group correction except me, I would go to her one on one and ask her if i could improve on anything. It was also given to me for leading the group by example.”

“The best thing about my mom and dad is that they’re always looking out for what’s best for me. They want to see me succeed in life and will help me do that any way they can. They’re the strongest people anyone could meet. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without their help and guidance. I wouldn’t be who I am if i didn’t have them as role models in my life. They’ve shown me what true love and protection is. They sacrifice so much for my brother and I everyday. My dad can always crack a joke and make anyone feel better and my mom will protect anyone she sees who needs it. I hope to one day be as strong as these two. I’ve never seen a better duo. I love my parents with all my heart and they will never know how grateful I am for all they do.

My hero is my dad. He is incredibly hard working and his generosity and compassion is not recognized enough. My parents are incredibly strong and always persevere through difficult times.”

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