Tate | Washington Community High School | Class of 2018

July 28, 2017

IL high school senior photographer

Where do I even begin to start with this guy?  When Tate walked into the parent/model meeting, every head turned, everyone smiled and in unison, everyone screamed, “TATE!”   He is fun loving, outgoing, kind, and very postive! He would describe his personality as a person who “always tries to lighten the mood and  find the best in every situation.  I also love making people laugh!”

Tate is a super creative individual. He loves to draw and design rooms in his free time.  He also loves all kinds of architecture and when he was a little guy he wanted to be an architect.  He will be attending college after high school, but doesn’t quite know what he wants to major in yet.  He participates in cheer all year round and in fact, has won many awards!  This month, his cheer team went to NCA Cheer Camp and on the first night, Tate was one of the first two nominated out of 100 individuals to try out for the All-Amercian team.  He not only made it, but was in the top 4 for the highest honor. He also won the Gatorade cooler for the team!  Way to go Tate!

Advice to upcoming freshman.. “All I can say is try to realize that the things you think are a big deal aren’t. Don’t get caught up in all of the drama and just stick to your close friends when you have confidential things to talk about.”

Something that most people don’t know about Tate is that he has Type 1 diabetes. If he could have one wish granted, he wishes that a cure would be found for diabetes.  Something he is very proud of is being able to personally raise over $1500 for diabetes research for 5 years on a row.

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Climb to the top of a mountain 2. Travel to Greece 3. Get married

Pet Peeves – “When people use the wrong your and you’re, their and they’re, things like that. Drives me nuts”

Most daring thing every done – “I gave myself a tattoo on my forearm and tried to remove it. Not my best moment, LOL”

Who are the most influential people in your life? “Probably my sisters. They always look out for what’s in my best interest and I really look up to them. They have become very successful and I’m so proud. I also value their opinions over almost everyone else’s. My hero would have to be my mom. I know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but it’s true!  She has be through a lot in her life, but hasn’t let that stop her from being amazing. I don’t know what I would do without her.  My most treasured possession would have to be the guitar that I have.  I was lucky enough to have got one from my grandma last year after my grandpa passed away.  He used to play guitar and he was phenomenal!  The best thing about my parents is that they are very supportive and understanding.  They are always willing to listen and help me out… the really are the best!”

Here are some of Tate’s favorites:

  1. Books – Harry Potter
  2. Movie  – Bring It On
  3. TV show – Parks and Recreation or Friends
  4. Sport – Cheer
  5. Holiday – Fourth of July or Christmas
  6. Singers – Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, and Ariana Grande
  7. Holiday tradition – Watching Christmas Vacation while decorating the tree and having the family party on Christmas Eve
  8. Childhood memory – Cutting down the Christmas Tree every year
  9. Family recipe – Grandma’s chocolate cookies
  10. Meal he would eat over and over again – peanut butter and jelly


Tate would describe his perfect day as waking up and eating cinnamon rolls, because they are his favorite. Followed by a successful trip to the mall and then a spontaneous photo shoot with his friends. The weather would be super nice and sunny with a warm breeze. The day would wrap up with a sleep over with all of his friends and staying up to watch the sunrise!

Ten years from now, I envision living in a big city, in a relationship with no hurry to rush into things, and happier than ever!


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