Lindy Martin | Class of 2018 | Dunlap High School

July 30, 2017

IL high school senior photographer


When I think  of Lindy,  I just have to smile because I picture her on the bus singing her heart out to the latest country music… I think of her  bright, contagious smile….. and I think of her sweet, fun personality!  She is a little ball of energy who happens to be the life of the party!

This is Gus & Vienna, the CUTEST wiener dogs who I’m afraid to say are the first dogs I have ever met that did not like me!  If you know me or follow me on social media, you know that I LOVE dogs and so I was mildly heartbroken when Vienna snarled at me but I kept jokingly saying she was smiling at me.  Give me some time.. I’m going to make them into friends!

Lindy would describe her personality as very outgoing. She loves being out and social with friends vs sitting at home.  She is kind and compassionate and strives to put others before herself.  Lindy is very independent and likes to do things on her own and learn from her mistakes.

After high school, she plans on attending either ISU or NIU to major in nursing.  She has wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl and follow in her mom’s footsteps.  Lindy loves children and would love to specialize in Pediatrics.  In school, she participates in Cheer!  She is also a fashionista and is obsessed with fun clothes.. thank goodness she works at Francesca’s because fashion is important to her and she always tells herself to “dress to impress!”  Besides fashion, she says she couldn’t survive without her sister who is “hands down” her best friend.  “We’ve always been there for each other and I love going to visit her at college as much as I can.  She also admits that her sister is the most influential person in her life. She and her sister went through similar issues throughout middle school and high school. They’ve always been inseparable and she always inspires her to keep pushing on even when she feels like she can’t.”   Lindy also explained that her parents are her heroes because they have had such an impact on her life. They raised her with morals and the ability to be independent and responsible. The best thing about my mom, “her drive.. she never gets down and doesn’t stop no matter what!  The best thing about my dad, “his compassion, he never fails to be there for me and always gives me a hug if I’m feeling down!”

Advice to incoming freshman: Be confident, Be strong, and be independent. High school has been more of a learning experience for me. It’s been so much fun but it has taught me that you can’t always expect people to be there for you. You will lose friendships and gain new ones. You will have bad days every once in awhile but that proves that good ones are coming too! Always walk in the halls with your head held high because confidence is key. Lastly, be independent because you’re going to be making decisions on your own very soon, it’s part of growing up.  Embrace your morals and what you’ve been taught by your family.    A moment that she is most proud happened at the beginning of her junior year when she was asked to speak in front of a class of freshman girls about her past.  Lindy admits that she was bullied and harassed terribly but being able to talk to other girls who were just starting high school was so uplifting  because they knew that they weren’t the only ones going through it. Sharing my story had an impact on many girls and she was able to give her phone number to a girl who was getting bullied and encouraged her to call/text to talk about anything if she ever needed her.

Three things on Lindy’s bucket list: 1. Skydiving 2. Meet Luke Bryan 3. Travel to at least 30 different countries

Here are some of Lindy’s favorites:

  1. Holiday – Christmas
  2. Sport – Football and Basketball to watch..and Cheer and soccer to play.  I played soccer for about 8 years and recently gave it up.
  3. Music – Country music. No matter what, it always reminds me of summertime. I love jamming out with the windows down and going on a long drive. It gives me a happy feeling and deep down, I feel like a country girl!
  4. TV shows on Netflix: Shameless and New Girl
  5. Holiday tradition – cooking in the kitchen with mom
  6. Childhood memory – living in Morton until she was 13. She had a little creek in her back yard and she and Macy would love to play outside in the summertime and catch frogs. One day, they dared each other to kiss a frog to see if they would turn into princes, so of course, “we kissed them but they never did change!”
  7. Family recipe – any of mom’s cupcakes
  8. Food – mac and cheese

Ten years from now, Lindy sees herself married with 2 kids, pursuing her career and raising her family!


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