Stacy Lantz | Class of 2021 | Metamora Township High School Senior Pictures

July 2, 2020

Meet Stacy Lantz, Class of 2021 senior from Metamora Township High School!  When you first meet her, she might appear to be shy and quiet, but then you turn on the music and have a dance party and she will be the first one to throw down, “the worm” (on bare concrete I might add) and dance/smile/laugh with her fellow Shelby Seniors.  Stacy is very sweet and one of the first to encourage another friend with positive words of affirmation.  She happens to charm my camera and I can’t get enough of her style and her contagious smile!!

“My perfect day would be watching Netflix with a bunch of my friends.”

After high school, she is considering going into dermatology but she’s still looking at options for colleges and her major. This year she is most looking forward to prom as well as football games. She loves to workout, play the ukulele, and sing. She brought the coolest white guitar to her senior session as a prop for pictures and I asked her if she could play it well.  She responded, Yes, pretty good.”  And then I asked her how long she had been playing.  Her answer was.. “I just taught myself over the past two months during quarantine!!!”  I mean seriously, this girl is so talented!!  And she sang for us while playing her ukulele.  We were all mesmerized by her angelic voice… so pretty!

Stacy’s Fun Facts:

  1. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is a mini donut burger
  2. My favorite childhood memory was beating my dad in every singe board game!
  3. Favorite family recipe – Dad’s Swedish pancakes
  4. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be cheese pizza
  5. The best thing about my parents are their support with everything I do. My dad is able to put a smile on my face even when I don’t feel like smiling
  6. My hero is Shailene Woolley because she is very dedicated and speaks out about world issues that she cares about.
  7. A moment I am most proud of is the last soccer game of my sophomore year. We pushed though against a hard team and we ended up tying 0-0
  8. My favorite family trip was a trip to Florida because we were able to meet up with my best friends
  9. The most daring thing I have ever done is cut off 20 inches of my hair!
  10. Three things on my bucket list are 1. Go to London, Go to Australia, and Learn ASL



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