Savannah Robinson | Class of 2021 | Delavan High School

July 14, 2020

Central IL Photographer | Senior Pictures Class of 2021


Meet the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and super sweet, funny, love-able Class of 2021 senior, Savannah Robinson from Delavan high School!

After high school, Savannah plans on attending college to major in Elementary Education. Her favorite high school teacher is Mr. Beihl.  If I’m having a bad day, he lets me read one of his books that encourages me and helps me have to keep positive mindset.  Another favorite teacher I’ve known for a long time is Mrs. Arrenholz. “She has always been there for me if I need anything and being in a small school, I’ve needed her a lot. She’s so positive and I could spend all day talking to her. My favorite class is math. I’m pretty good at math and it seems to go by fastest throughout the day. The teacher is also very nice and helpful.”

“My favorite school event to attend is the state strip for Student Council. Last year we were in Chicago and it was one of the best experiences I have had with my friends and other stuco members. I also love carnival. Every year my school has a competition within the different classes in the high school. We build a food booth, make a skit, play tug of war, and pick a King and Queen from each class to represent us while we all sell tickets to help them win. All of the money we raise goes towards our class trip and planning for prom as a junior.”

Three things on my bucket list – Go to Bora Bora, Go Parasailing, Play volleyball in college

“My hero is my aunt Gena. She is very successful in life and has a great family. I would love to be like her when I’m older, she’s amazing. She always has a positive outlook on things and is always willing to help. Her and her family also come to my sporting events when they have time, they’re a very busy family.”


  1. Favorite family recipe – My grandmas Christmas cookie recipe. I love sitting down with her and my cousins around Christmas and making cookies, and they always taste AMAZING. She’s probably the best cook I know.
  2. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would involve mashed potatoes
  3. Favorite Holiday tradition -At Christmas time my family decorates the tree with something different every year. One year it would be sparkly pinecones, gingerbread ornaments, and regular ornaments. This year we did gingerbread ornaments. We sit down one night and all sit at the dining room table and make the ornaments. It’s a time where my family can sit and laugh together. I also play the dice game at my grandmas everyday. We all sit in a circle and roll the dice until you get doubles, when you do you get to open a present. That continues until everyone has a present or you get doubles twice and you can steal. My family has a ton of fun doing that because we’re all so competitive.
  4. Favorite family trip – My favorite family trip was to Holiday World in Indiana. We used to go every year and it was my favorite place as a kid. It had a bunch of roller coasters and water slides that I loved riding with my cousins.
  5. What is your favorite childhood memory? I used to go camping like every weekend during the summer with my family. It was also so fun, especially when I got to take my friends with me. We would wake up and immediately run down to the river from our campsite and play in the water all day.
  6. What is the best thing about your parents? The best thing about my mom is that she’s always willing to help anyone who needs it. Whenever I need help with school she will try her hardest to help me. Or if I need something for school or sports she is right there to get it for me. Her dedication to try and be at all of my sporting events is incredible, same with my dads. They’re both always there for me. She has the biggest heart. The best thing about my dad is his goofiness. He can never fail to put a smile on my face when I’m in need of one. He would go round and round to do anything for me. He is also always willing to cook me any kind of food I want, which is awesome because I love eating. I love them both very much and am very grateful for their dedication to me and my sports.

Random Fun Facts:

  1. Favorite holiday – Thanksgiving
  2. Favorite colors – Blue and yellow
  3. The most daring thing I have ever done is go paddle boating in the ocean
  4. Explain what you would you do on your most “perfect” day?  I would wake up early with the sun shining. Go on a run and then start my day. I would take a long shower and then get ready to hangout with my friends and go to Dunkin. After that, we would probably go swimming because my perfect day would be in summer when it’s really hot. And then I would end the day with eating dinner with my family and going to bed. I would probably go to bed early because I’m a big fan of getting a lot of sleep.
  5. Surfaces is my favorite band!
  6. What advice would you give incoming high school freshman? Don’t be nervous, it’s just another year of school. Be yourself, dont try to be someone you’re not to impress the upperclassmen. If you’re in sports, work your hardest to show how much you are willing to work for your spot.
  7. Why did you choose Shelby Photography to take your senior pictures? chose Shelby Photography because their work is always amazing. All of the pictures I see are beautiful and they express the girls personalities through the photo. I love the dedication they put into their work! love how clear and beautiful the pictures always are. They really represent the person as who they are and not someone they aren’t. I also love how well the pictures are put together, the surrounding represents the person as well.

“In school, I participate in Track, volleyball, Vice-President of Student Council, Science Club Board, DGAC, and National Honor Society.”  I love to play volleyball in my free time and hangout with my boyfriend and his family. I go to volleyball every Sunday and also babysit 4x a week before school.  I also volunteer at the Midwest Food Bank.  I love watching basketball and my favorite sport to play is volleyball. A moment I am most proud of was when my cheer team found out we got the bid to summit in Orlando, Florida. At the time, I did not want to go because I had sectionals for track but I would not give up that trip for anything. My team placed 10th in the nation and for my last year as a cheerleader that was huge for me!”

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