Molly Gresham | Class of 2021 | Delavan High School

April 28, 2021

Meet Molly Gresham, Class of 2021 senior from Delavan High School!  She has been a dream to photograph all year round and I’m truly going to miss her.  Molly is easy- going, sweet natured. ultra positive, outgoing, and super caring!  I love her eyes, her smile, and those amazing freckles!!   She has so many great personality traits and I’m excited for her future and what’s next in her journey.

This fall, she will be attending SIUE to major in Elementary Education. When she was a little girl, she thought she might be a hair stylist.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Knapik because, “she cares for her students like we are her kids. She makes her class easy enough to pass with a good grade if you try. She also teaches in a way to where she isn’t just reading off notes. She talks normal and U.S. history is my favorite because it is with her.

“My favorite school event is Carnival. All of the classes compete with a food booth (we have to build it ALL), a lip sync (different every year, and is based on the theme for the year), and we all compete for money for our senior trips. this puts quite a bit of money in our class accounts.”

In school, Molly has participated in FFA, FCCLA, Spanish club, Science Club, and Student Council. Outside of school, she is busy too. She works at Paw Pad in Pioneer, babysits, works at Eli’s in Morton, and for a boutique in Delavan.  Her hobbies include taking walks, playing with her cat, Fanta, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Caleb and her family.

My “perfect day” would include going out to a lake/beach, getting ice cream, and watching the sunset with Caleb.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten was alligator. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be Mac and Cheese. My favorite family recipe is my mom’s chili. It isn’t spicy at all, it’s sweet and so good!

“My favorite childhood memory was every single day when I went to my babysitter TT, because she lived on a farm and we got to go out and basically just play and she had a treehouse for us and we got to see horses all the time.”

My heroes are my grandparents because my grandma has battled breast cancer, and my grandpa has bladder cancer and they are both strong through everything.  My other grandparents come to every game that i cheer at and support me through everything.

“My favorite family trip was to Tennessee because the mountains were gorgeous and I got to go to Gatlinburg and that is where I zip line and it wasn’t just little zip lines it was entirely in the mountains and super high up.

“My favorite thing about my mom is that she pushes me to get good grades, but isn’t disappointed when i get a bad grade on a test.  She makes sure that I look and visit as many colleges as possible. My dad has helped me learn about taking care of things. He helped me wax my car, and he also cares a lot about me.  I always know that he wants the best for me and always makes sure that I am safe.”

What advice would you give to incoming freshman? “Take a deep breath. It will be hard at times, but you will have some of your best memories in high school. If you have a hard time, you will get through it, and go on with your life. High school seems so long, but when you look back it feels like no time went by.”

My cat is my best friend, and I have been dating Caleb for almost four years!

The most daring thing I have ever done is zip lined!

I like watching baseball, and my favorite sport to play is volleyball.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. We always go to my grandmas and eat some really good food and then my whole family sits in the living room and opens presents one at a time and tells everyone what they got.

Three things on my bucket list include Skydiving (I’m afraid of heights!), traveling all over the world, and living somewhere other than IL where there is better scenery!

My favorite singers are The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran

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