Kara Hardin | Class of 2021 | Richwoods High School

May 4, 2021

Meet the beautiful, talented, sweet, amazing, Class of 2021 senior from Richwoods High School, Kara Hardin!  Watching her dance with the wind to a song from The Greatest Showman literally brought me to tears.. she was so strong and graceful.  I have never experienced being so emotional during a senior session until I watched her… such a gift!!

Kara would describe her personality as shy at first but then bubbly and outgoing once she gets to know that person.  She is hardworking, determined, adventurous, and loves to travel.

She has been very active in school and participated on the Dance Team, Student Ambassadors, Science Club, French Club, Yearbook, and Spanish Club. Outside of school, she dances at Kim’s Academy of Dance a couple of nights a week.  “I’m trained in ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical. I also teach dance lessons at Kim’s Academy. I teach dancers as young as 3 to high schoolers. I love teaching dance so much!”

Kara also enjoys hanging out with my friends, running, writing, and watching movies with my family.

“I have two favorite teachers. One of my favorite teachers is Mr. B (Joesph Baumgarder) because he really cares about all his students. My other favorite teacher is Mrs. Maughan (Angela Maughan) because she is so sweet and nice. My favorite class is biology because I find the subject so interesting. I especially love learning about genetics.”

“My favorite school event to attend are the football games. Since I am on the dance team I dance for the first half of the game and for the second half I stand on the bleachers with my friends. The atmosphere is so energetic and it’s the perfect way to end the week.”

On my “perfect day”, I would wake up around 9:00 and go on a run. After going on a run I would shower, get ready and go meet my friends at a restaurant for a late breakfast. After breakfast I would spend the rest of my day shopping and hanging out with my friends. Next, I would head home and make homemade pizzas with my family for dinner. Finally, I would spend the rest of my night watching a movie with my family.”

The most daring thing I have ever done is ride at elephant!

“If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Paris because it’s my favorite city! I love the culture and the language. Also the food is amazing!”

Three things on my bucket list include learn a new language, study abroad, and write a children’s book

A moment that I am most proud of is during dance team at Richwoods on the competition team. For our competition routine last year, we choreographed it ourselves and ended up making it to state!! We did this while having to deal with a coach change in the middle of the season. I was so proud of my team!

“My favorite family trip was to Italy because Italy is such a beautiful country! My family had an amazing time touring around Italy. The food was amazing and every city was unique! My favorite childhood memory was my family’s visit to Phucket, Thailand. We spent most of the time at the beach and it was so much fun! Thailand is so beautiful.”

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love my family’s Christmas traditions. Every year we have a contest to see who can make the best gingerbread house. We split into teams of 3 and it is so much fun. Also every Christmas Eve, before bed, we open three gifts that are for the whole family. It’s usually something fun like Christmas PJs, puzzles or fuzzy socks.”

My favorite family recipe is Beef Tenderloin that we eat for Christmas dinner every year.  If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be quesadillas!

This fall, I plan on attending Truman State University.  I’m going to major in Biology and purse a career in Genetic Counseling.

“The best thing about my Dad is that he is so hardworking and caring. He works hard for my family. He is the reason why my family was able to travel around the world and I am so grateful for that. The best thing about my Mom is how she is so nice and smart. She has planned all my family’s vacations and they have all been perfect. My heroes are my parents because they are so hard working and smart. I look up to them so much.”

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