Madelyn Fowler | Teen Session

August 16, 2021

I’m so happy to introduce Madelyn Fowler, Shelby Teen Model and freshman at Washington Community High School.  This is our first year having a Shelby Teen team and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this sweet, easy-going, beautiful young woman on our team.  She has participated in two themed sessions and a 1:1 session and I can’t wait until the next time I have her in front of my camera.  Madelyn recently got her braces removed and every time I photograph her, she becomes more and more comfortable in the spotlight and her confidence and transformation in front of the camera has been unbelievable!  She is always ready to break out of her comfort zone and try new things!

In 8th grade, Madelyn participated in Band, Choir, Jazz band, Softball, and Knit for a Cause.  Outside of school, she plays travel softball and also does some dog walking. Her hobbies include playing video games, playing piano, crocheting, and hanging out with her friends.

Madelyn’s favorite holiday is Halloween. On Halloween every year we go trick or treating, sometimes with friends, but usually just with family. I’d go a different way than my sisters with either my dad or mom, and we would still meet up back at our house.

“Baseball is my favorite sport to watch and play. Mostly because it’s the only sport I understand. It might be boring for a while, but when something big happens it’s worth the wait.  I’ve played for as long as I can remember and it’s what I’m most comfortable with. I always end up making friends with my teammates, and the season is always a lot of fun.”

“My favorite band is Queen, and some of my favorite songs of theirs are Killer Queen, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Now I’m Here, and Keep Yourself Alive.”

“My favorite restaurant is Panda Express. I always order their Orange Chicken. My favorite drink is water and my favorite candy is Cookie Dough Bites, M&M’s, and KitKats.  My favorite family recipe is the noodles my grandma used to make. They tase delicious and have a really nice texture. It was passed down to my parents and we make it every year for Thanksgiving. If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, I’d have to choose chicken with a side of potatoes. There are so many different ways to cook chicken and potatoes, so it wouldn’t get boring.”

“The best thing about my mom and dad are that they’re always there for me. When I go to them for help they try to help me as best as they can, whether that’s with their advice or knowing who to ask. We get in fights sometimes, but I know it’s because they care about me and want me to do well. They listen to me and take what I say into account.”

“My favorite childhood memory is eating Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s house.”

Favorite quote: “Why does anyone do anything? Sheer, absolute boredom!”

“I have a rabbit named Snickers, who I’ve had for almost three years now, and a dog named Lucy who we’ve had for two years. Snickers is pretty calm and minds her own business while Lucy barks at almost anything and whines whenever she sees Snickers.”

“The most daring thing I have ever done is I went on a rollercoaster that went upside down, I loved it!”

“My favorite family trip was going to Disney World, it was the first time we had gone and it was a frat experience. We were there for four days and there was still so much we weren’t able to get to. If given the chance I’d go back with my family again.”

“Three things on my bucket list that are skydiving out of a moving plane, go on a super long road trip across the country and maybe into other countries, and find a job in psychology.”

“My favorite colors are black and any shade of blue!”

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