Alyssa Escobar | Shelby Teen Model | Dunlap High School

August 18, 2021

Meet the sweet, bubbly, outgoing, energetic, talented, hard-working, and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful girl, Alyssa Escobar from Dunlap High School.  She is one of 5 of our new Shelby Teen models.  Gahhhh, we are so lucky to have her on our team and it’s been the best to get to know her these past few months.

Alyssa has participated in two of our themed sessions as well as her 1:1 Shelby Teen session.  We’ve had a total blast and I can’t wait to get her in front of the camera again!

Alysa is a junior at Dunlap High School and she participates in Cheer. She also works at Marshall’s as well as Jump Start Gymnastics where she helps with tumbling classes. One of her proudest moments is winning Nationals at a dance competition.  Her hobbies include working out, running, and swimming.

Alyssa’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves it when her family comes to town, eating Christmas dinner and staying up super late together.. talking about life and laughing.  

“My favorite band is Cage the Elephant. My favorite colors are pink, white, and Lavendar. I love watching baseball and love playing football!. My favorite restaurant is Longhorn Steakhouse. I usually order the 6 oz Flo’s Filet.  Sweet Tea or Water are my favorite drinks.  My favorite candy is KitKat, Twix, and Swedish Fish.”

“Three things on my bucket list are traveling alot, getting married, and having children. “

“My hero is my grandma because she is very honest and kind, even if I do something she doesn’t like.”

“If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be chicken nuggets + Mac n cheese + sweet tea!”

“I have two dogs.. an American Eskimo mix named Javy and a Mini Bernedoodle named Mali.” Bernedoodle named Mali.”

“My favorite school event is homecoming. I love to cheer my team on, meet people from other school, and its just an all-around good time.”

“My “perfect day” would be described as waking up and starting my day with a morning fun, followed by an afternoon with my friends, going out for dinner, and then relaxing at home.”

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