Logan | Dee-Mack High School | Class of 2018

September 28, 2017

When thinking about Logan, I wanted to find a word that best described her… and the word I came up with is “VIVACIOUS”.  I looked up the meaning in the dictionary right after and it was spot on!   This is what it said: attractively lively and animated. Synonyms: lively, spirited, bubbly, sparkling, happy, full of fun, cheery, enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic.  yes… yes.. this is LOGAN!  She is small but strong.  Beautiful and very smart!  You know what they say.. good things come in small packages.  #truth

She comes from a super small town but she wants to live in the big city, so an urban session with a mix of nature were great locations for her senior pics! Logan has high aspirations and great big goals.. after high school, she will attend college and major in Pre-Med because this girl is going to be a neurosurgeon!

Logan is very active in school and participates in cheer, Beta Club, Cadaver lab and she was the Junior Class President. She also loves to tumble, ski, and go boating.  She loves, loves her pups, Willow and Dexter.  I asked her if she had only one wish to be granted, what would it be and she said she wish that all dogs and all people in the world would have food and a house to live in.  (Just a sweet pic into the heart of this young lady!)

I had to crack up at there pet peeves because she had a lot of them, LOL..  People acting dumb, loud chewers, people that don’t study for tests and then complain about their grades, and suck ups.

A moment she is most proud of is when she won Ms. Chem. It’s an award given each year to the student that does the best at the molecule show. She talked about hormone progesterone and had to talk about mature topics to students and teachers.  Logan said that 10 years from now, she forsees herself saving lives!

Three things on her bucket list: 1. Parasailing 2. Learning how to surf 3. Become a surgeon.   Logan would describe her perfect day as going to Venice, Italy and riding in gondolas and looking at beautiful buildings and eating lots of pasta and pizza. She would also go scuba diving, parasailing, and lay on the beach.

“My hero is my mom because my brother and I are her life. She does everything for us and sometimes forgets about herself. Sometimes I even have to remind her to take some time for herself! Both of my parents support me in everything that I do and give me the resources to be the best at what I do. They always encourage me to be better”

Here are some of Logan’s favorites!

  1. Sport – Steelers for football, Cubs for baseball, and U of I for basketball
  2. TV shows: SVU or any baking/cooking show
  3. Holiday: Thanksgiving
  4. Music: Country, throwback songs, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana
  5. Childhood memory: Spending her birthday in Disney World and eating breakfast with the princesses
  6. Family recipe: Cranberry oatmeal cookies
  7. Meal: Mostaccioli
  8. Book: anything by John Green
  9. Movie: Bad Moms
  10. TV show – Bones, SVU, or Toddlers and Tiaras

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