Hailey Henson | Pekin Community High School | Class of 2018

October 3, 2017

I was looking forward to this day since March after I first took Hailey’s initial modeling session pictures!!  Her senior session appointment was finally here and my assistant and I were doing a happy dance the day before in anticipation of Hailey’s fun day!  She blew us away during her fashion consultation with super cute outfits and those HATS (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE). Besides amazing style, Hailey has the sweetest personality that is like a magnet!!  You can’t help but be pulled towards her fun-loving and caring soul.   #truth

Hailey is a Class of 2018 senior at Pekin Community High School.  She would describe her personality as very outgoing and she loves to surround herself with new people.  She does enjoy being alone occasionally with a good book but overall, she is adventurous and loves to experience new things. She truly cares about people and loves the feeling of knowing she is doing something good.

After high school, Hailey plans on attending Belmont High School and wants to major in social work.  In school, she participates in the Speech team and Student Council Exec Board. She loves reading and volunteering at church and at school. She also LOVES music, bubble baths, and the tv show, Friends!  Besides reading, Hailey enjoys writing and claims it’s a hidden talent that she normally doesn’t like to publicize except in the classroom.  Advice to incoming freshman: “Be open-minded.. I turned out to be someone I never imagined myself being and that was because all of the amazing people I met and the positive influence they had on my life!”

“My perfect day would be spent with my four older sisters.  We would start off with a huge breakfast like they used to make together on Saturday mornings when they all lived at home. After breakfast, they would all get ready in the bathroom together listening to their favorite music, singing, and stealing each other’s clothes.  Next.. shopping all day. Because I love fashion and she and her sisters all have different styles. Shopping would be followed by dinner at Sugar, renting a great movie and buying an unnecessary amount of snack while enjoying each other!”

If she could have any superpower, Hailey said she would be a shape-shifter so she could change into anyone. “I would turn into Selena Gomez, win Justin Bieber back and we could be together forever!!!!”

Her most treasured possession would definitely be her Bible. “My relationship with God is extremely important to me and that’s one of the ways I can be with Him”

The most daring thing she has ever done was jump off of a waterfall on her missions trip to Grenada.  And if money were no object, she would travel to the Seven Wonders of the World. Also Paris, the fashion capital of the world where, “I would shop till I drop!”

Biggest pet peeve – When someone else has dirty nails!

Three things on Hailey’s bucket list is 1. Travel to Egypt 2. Crowd Surf 3. Be published!

The most influential people in her life are her sisters who all have different traits and she looks up to each and every one of them.  She looks to Jen for her mothering nature and strength.  Lindsay for her independence and guts. Faith for her passion and style. And Beth for her selflessness and optmism!  She says her mom is her hero because she has gone through so much yet raised six children and built herself an amazing life against all odds.  “The best thing about my mom is her unending love for her children and grandchildren. My dad works hard to provide for the family and I love his never failing attempts to make me laugh!”

A moment she is most proud of would have to be receiving first place at one of her speech competitions in Charleston!

Here are some of Hailey’s fun favorites:

  1. Book – Looking for Alaska
  2. Movie – Hacksaw Ridge, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars
  3. Holiday – 4th of July
  4. Childhood memory – Summer evenings before the sun finally set and lightning bugs coming out and catching them with no shoes on when her family lived in the country. Running past the clothesline with freshly washed blankets and remembering how good they smelled!
  5. Family recipe – pumpkin pie
  6. Restaurant – Fast Dragon Buffet
  7. Season – summer
  8. Team – Golden State
  9. Holiday tradition – Hosting Thanksgiving and the annual pin pong tournament, along with playing spoons and someone getting injured to to excessive competitivenss!
  10. Music artists/band – I love Justin Bieber!  Also J. Cole, and the song All Time Low

“Ten years from now, I see myself with a great career and helping children and counseling those in need. Also fostering children along with having a few of my own!”

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