Jackson Hunsicker | Washington Community High School | Class of 2019

August 13, 2018

Meet Jackson Hunsicker, Class of 2019 senior from Washington Community High School.  Getting to know this guy has been the very BEST!!

He has LOTS of nicknames including Hunsi, Bubba J, Bubba Prince, and Jelly Bean.  Jackson would describe himself as quiet, observant, shy, selfless, and hardworking.  I would like to add funny, super cute, and a total babe ☺️  In school, Jackson participates in Fitness Club, WLCS, Football, and Track.  This year, he is most looking forward to senior night at football because he has been playing football since kindergarten and has been friends with his teammates ever since!  He also loves to build computers, play video games, and play basketball with friends.   Jackson’s favorite high school teacher so far has been Cale Dahm. “He is goofy and makes class fun to learn in.  Lori Evans was my Kindergarten teacher and she made me fall in love with school!”  Advice to incoming freshman: It really goes by fast!  Jackson loves supporting his girlfriend by going to watch her basketball games.  After high school, Jackson plans on attending college to pursue a major in Engineering or Business but when he was a little kid, he wanted to be Percy Jackson or Iron Man.  His goal is to go to college anywhere that “let’s me play football and is on the larger size.”

Jackson would describe his perfect day as playing video games, eating his mom’s homemade breakfast, picking up his girlfriend, Anne, going to lunch, swimming, playing more video games and then having all of his friends over to hang out and order pizza.

“The best thing about my mom is how caring she is.. She’s an amazing person in my life and she’s so nice to everyone.  My dad is hard working and supportive!”

“My hero would have to be Ian Allen because he is really who I set my self up to be because of how caring, nice, observing, and just how awesome he is in my life”

Here are some fun facts and favorites of Jackson:

  1. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Rocky Mountain oysters, alligator, kangroo
  2. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Parasailing in the Caribbean
  3. If you could travel any where in the world where would you want to go? Back to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef
  4. My favorite family trip was to… Do I have to name one? Ok, the trip to Australia and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. We had an awesome guide and we saw everything you could think of: turtles, a shark, Nemo, sea cucumbers it was the best
  5. What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Christmas morning…. making sure my mom can’t sleep in!
  6. What is your favorite childhood memory? Going to the pool everyday during the summer. Going to my nana and papas and going to Wyoming with my gamma and Gampa
  7. What’s your favorite family recipe? Cherry pie
  8. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Nachos with Costco tortilla chips
  9. List something random and fun about yourself: I can remember anything. I don’t forget and I’m an only child of an only child.
  10. Favorite holiday tradition? Making sausage stuffed bacon wrapped pork tenderloin on Christmas Eve

I am most proud of my Eagle Scout project. It is a memoria to the 3 victims of the 2013 tornado, a brick pathway, flag pole and memorial garden. I had to raise all the money to fund the 6000 project. I had over 800 hours of time in that project.



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