Chloe Anderson | Class of 2019 Senior Pictures | Eastland High School

August 15, 2018

Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Definition of Chloe: adjective | [kloh-ee]  A female given name – a sweet disposition; marked by kindness, pleasing to the eye, much loved: delightful and easygoing

Chloe would describe herself as calm and laid back. “I like to help others in any way that I can. I also feel like I’m caring and sweet.  My nickname is pickles because I can be sweet and sour.”

Chloe is a Class of 2019 senior from Eastland High School. After she graduates, she plans on attending Iowa State to major in Pre-Med.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a model.  This year, she is looking forward to being a mentor for the underclassmen. I have always looked up to past seniors helping me throughout high school and I hope to do the same for others. She can’t wait for Homecoming week which is her favorite event.  “t is full of excitement, from class skits to float building. It gives me the chance to interact with faculty and students.”  The class that has inspired her the most in her high school event is Horticulture.  “I look forward in the future to cultivating my own plants and garden.”  Chloe is involved in Golf, FCCLA, Servant Leadership, FFA, and National Honors Society. Outside of school, I’m involved in Young Life. “In my free time I like to do yoga, golf, garden, water sports, hike, being with my family, and cooking.”  What advice would you give incoming high school freshman?  “Be yourself! Many people are going to change throughout the years in high school, just remember who you are. Don’t let other people try and change who you are, be yourself and embrace it!”  A moment she is most proud was last year. ” I was accepted into a group called Servant Leadership. The focus of this group is to help others and our community. For Christmas time last year, many of the students involved in the group got together, wrapped Christmas gifts, and delivered them to a local nursing home. It was such a good feeling to see all the similes on everyone’s face. For some residents, it was the only Christmas gift they would receive.”


  • My mom is my hero, she has been my best friend since day one. Her and I have always gotten along so well. She has taught me so much from hard work ethic to not giving up on your dreams. I always look up and want to become the person my mom is.
  • I have two family trips that I go on each year that are very special to me. One is going to Dale Hollow Lake with my dad’s family. This trip is like a secret treasure that the family has been going to for many years now. We stay in a house boat for seven days. There are many rope swings and waterfalls that we like to find. The second trip is going to Hawaii. I’ve also been going to Hawaii for several years now with my mom’s family. Hawaii is so comforting and is like my second home to me. Although we like to stay in the same location every year we find new adventures to discover.
  • What is your favorite family holiday tradition? My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my family. Each year a large group of my family members get together and we bake cookies for an entire weekend. We make so many cookies and donate most of them.
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?  😊Every summer when I was a kid my childhood best friend, Addison Prina, and I would collect frogs and toads from the neighborhood and keep them as pets in our window wells. We would even go over to our neighbor’s window wells and to try and find frogs. Similar frogs would come back each year and we always claim them as the previous years frogs. We would even name the frogs as well. For example, we called one frog “big mama” due to the frog being bigger than my hand or another name was “pancake” due to the frog being the size of a quarter and was beige colored. We would also make “fun centers” and playgrounds for the frogs to play on in the window wells. I remember most, at the end of the summer, Addison and I had to let go of at least 20 frogs. No matter what, we still cried letting our summer friends go, but we always knew they would come back next summer.
  • What’s your favorite family recipe?  My grandma’s mashed potatoes. I know I only get them twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I definitely don’t take that for granted.
  • The best thing about my mom is how caring and loving she is towards other people. The best thing about my dad is how much he supports me through school and sports.  (Photographer can attest to this… we photographed Chloe for several hours and mom went through Chick-Filet-A and bought me and Steph chicken strips and fries with Chick-Filet-A sauce that I am now addicted too. I didn’t think I was hungry, but once I started eating, I knew I was ravished, thank you for being so thoughtful)

Here are some of Chloe’s fun facts and favorites:

  1. Who is your favorite singer and/or band or song? Big Gigantic
  2. Name three things that are on your bucket list? 1. Go to Paris 2. Go to a tulip farm in the Netherlands 3. See the Northern Lights
  3. What’s your favorite holiday?  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love spending quality time with my family.
  4. Describe your “perfect”day?  My perfect day would be in Maui. I would be with my close friends and family. We would be in the sun all day, soaking up the Hawaiian sun. We would all go out to dinner together and end the night with getting Dole Whip.
  5. What is your favorite sport? I like to play and watch golf whenever I can
  6. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Acai bowls
  7. Tell me something random about yourself! I love photography! I like to experiment with the different options cameras have to offer and how they work.
  8. What’s your usual school style?  My usual school style is a pair of black leggings, graphic tee, and trendy sneakers. I like to be casual and comfy, but also be trendy at the same time.
  9. What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?  I love to shop at Nordstrom, Vince, Madewell, and lululemon.
  10. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits? Many of my older friends that I did competitive cheer with did Shelby Seniors. I always thought that their pictures turned out so beautiful compared to other senior pictures. Cindy is able to capture such stunning and beautiful images of everyone.  They are fully of color and stand out. They don’t look like every other senior picture, each senior has a different personality and I think the pictures show who the senior really is.

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