Hailey Nance | Dee-Mack High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

October 10, 2019

Meet Haley.. aka Hales, Hay (Riley only), Hailstorm, Hailbail!

As you can see Hailey has a radiant smile that can knock a person right over. But then the next moment, she pulls off  a “fierce” look that makes my heart do a leap!  Capturing this outgoing, super funny, warm-hearted senior is a joy, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

After high school, Hailey plans on attending college to major in Elementary Education. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be either a vet or a teacher. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Uner “because I know I can talk to her about any problems if I need to. I love Art because I’m able to express myself in any way that I want to.”  Hailey loves cheering at football games. “It’s been a great time through my entire high school career and I love attending the games with everyone cheering our team on!”  Besides being a cheerleader, Hailey focuses on her grades and is part of the National Honor Society. She also volunteers for the Special Olympics whenever she has the opportunity.   Here’s some great advice for incoming freshman: “Do your work and actually work hard to keep your GPA up because the first 2 years are very important, but don’t forget to have fun because it goes faster than you think and these years have been my favorite”

Hailey would describe her perfect day like this: “Wake up on my own time, get dressed in a cute outfit and go lay out on a beach somewhere, eat really good food for every meal, hangout with my 3 besties and fall asleep whenever I get tired”

Three things on my bucket list include: 1. Get married 2. Go to Italy 3. Throw a Great Gatsby Party


  1. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Everyone in my family and extended family comes to my house and we eat dinner.  After dinner,  we drink eggnog and read the Night before Christmas together.
  2. My hero is my dad because he always gives me great advice no matter what I do and he’s proud of me.  Both of my parents make a point to tell me that I am loved and they are proud of me even when I make mistakes. Our family is able to tell each other everything.
  3. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is crocodile which was really weird but it was also when I was kind of young so I don’t really remember if I liked it
  4. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be pizza with hot sauce
  5. One of my favorite childhood memories is when I moved to Mackinaw because I made a friend my first day. I remember it was really fun getting to move.
  6. My favorite family recipe is a dessert my mom makes with angel food cake, yogurt, whipped ream, and lots of fruit mixed together.


  1. I love getting to know new people!
  2. My favorite sport to play is cheer and soccer. I loved paling soccer when I was younger but I can’t anymore
  3. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would travel to Italy. I really want to eat all of the food like pasta and pizza and see how it compares to American food
  4. The most daring thing I have ever done is went white water rafting on the Colorado River. It was really cold water and there were a lot of rocks!
  5. I really love to draw and paint to express myself but I also love to hang out with my friends!
  6. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? I absolutely love their pictures and have always wanted Cindy to take my pictures. Everyone looks so good and poses are unique!

Hair and Makeup: Haley Rogers, Alanis Studio & Boutique

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