Emily Wolters | Class of 2020 Pekin Community High School Senior pictures

July 27, 2019

Introducing, the lovely, Class of 2020 Senior from Pekin Community High School, Emily Wolters!!!  She is fun-loving, outgoing, creative, strong willed, independent, and absolutely gorgeous!!   I am soooooooo happy that she is one of this year’s Shelby Seniors because I get to capture this beauty all year long!

Emily is a busy girl and works at Maquet’s Railhouse as a hostess (I strongly recommend the horseshoe.. the cheese sauce is to diieeee for, LOL and the hostess is super cute!)  She also works for the Pekin Park District Day Camp as a camp counselor in the summer time.  In school, she is involved in the Latin Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, and helps incoming freshman on Dragon Day!   Emily loves playing tennis and going duck hunting with her dad.  After high school she plan on attending college to pursue a degree in either Biology or Political Science.  This year, she is most looking forward to her senior homecoming and prom. “I can’t wait to dress up and be with my friends!”  Her favorite school events are the football games and she loves cheering on the school and hanging out with everyone.  Ms. Del Valle is one of her favorite teachers. “she provides help whenever myself or other students need it no matter the time or the situation. My favorite class is biology because I get to learn more about the world that I live in and gives me more knowledge on a major that I am interested in.”


• My hero is my grandma because she taught me to see the best in everyone no matter who they are and what their opinions are. She is also my hero because she is strong and clear minded in every situation that arises.

• A moment that I am most proud of is when I was in 8th grade, I wrote a letter telling my grandpa how thankful I was for what he did in the military. I was asked to read my letter in front of all of the school and the veterans during the assembly. I felt most proud during this moment because as I was reading my letter, I saw the tears going down my grandpa’s face and I knew that he really appreciated what I wrote and that he was proud of me.

• My favorite family trip was to Iowa because that trip was when I discovered my love for roller coasters.

• My favorite childhood memory is going out on the lake early in the morning to hunt with my dad and grandpa and watching them shoot.

• The best thing about my Mom is how hard she works and how she is determined to finish whatever she started. My Mom always pushes herself to the highest limit to make sure that the whole family is happy.
The best thing about my Dad is how he shares his opinions to help me learn more. He also is best at helping me not limit myself when it comes to things that girls usually don’t do. Duck hunting ans shooting a gun is not typically done by a girl and he pushes me to step out of the norms and do those things.


• If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tacos!

• My favorite family recipe is my great grandma’s caramel brownies. They are my favorite because they were always brought to events and it made every event feel special.

• What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Chocolate covered bacon (For the record, I think that sounds ammmmaaaaazing!)


•  Three things on my bucket list: 1. Sky dive 2. See the world through the eyes of a local whenever I visit 3. Say yes to things that I would typically say no to (love this!!)

•  What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Touched an animal at the zoo when it was not meant to be touched

•  Favorite holiday – 4th of July

•  Favorite holiday tradition – For Christmas, my grandma makes everyone stockings and fills them up with little items that she thinks would be used the most by that person. My family also on Christmas wears an ugly Christmas sweater and we have a contest to see who has the best ugly sweater.

• My favorite sport to watch is boxing or hockey. My favorite sport to play is tennis.

• If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would travel to Italy. I would travel there because I have learned so much about the ancient culture of the Romans that lived in Italy many years ago in Latin class and I would love to go see where the events that I learned about took place.

• I love watching storms!



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