Sydney | Class of 2018 | Washington Community High School

August 4, 2017


Meet Sydney Cavanaugh, Class of 2018 senior from Washington Community High School!  I had an incredible time capturing this incredibly sweet, G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, happy-go-lucky senior!  Her senior session extra was fun because I had the freedom to be extra creative…. Sydney was confident and laid back with ideas, poses, and movement.  It’s clients like her that make my job sooooooooo fun!!

Sydney would describe her personality as extroverted and introverted.  She is a beautiful soul with so many layers! She would also say that she is outgoing, happy, kind, and loving. “I like to be me and that’s usually enough for people.”

When she was a little girl she wanted to be a vet.  After high school, she plans on going to the University of Missouri and majoring in Dietetics. She has been actively involved in school through the years participating in everything from Football Cheer, Pep Club, and Fitness Club. She also loves babysitting, hanging out with her friends, shopping, running, weight lifting, and snuggling with her bull dog 🙂   She loves dogs and if she won the lottery, the first thing she would do with her money would be go to a dog shelter and help buy any and all supplies that were needed and then help pay for any dog that needed medicine or surgery.  Advice to incoming freshman: “Be YOU, care about your grade and try out for sports and participate in clubs. Make friendships that will last for the next four years, because it’s going to fly by!”

Sydney would describe her perfect day as this – “My perfect day would be in the summer. I would wake up and get a good workout in followed by a quick nap before heading out into the sunshine. I would lay out all day with my friends, and then go home to shower and then dress up cute for dinner and laugh all night with my friends!”

Three things on her bucket list: 1. Travel to all of the states 2. Sky dive 3. Participate in a mission trip

Something random and interesting about myself: “I can say the words, toy boat, 3x fast” (try it) For the record, I asked her to do this during her senior session and yes.. she can do it!

One of the most daring things she’s ever done is gone parasailing

One of Sydney’s most treasured possessions happens to be her Alex and Ani bracelets. Each one has a lot of meaning to her and most were given to her as gifts from different family members and friends during a tough time in her life. The other treasured possession she owns is a crochet blanket that her grandma made for her.

Biggest pet peeves: Hearing people chew 2. Slow drivers 3. People on the phone during a get together or dinner 4. Bad form

Some of Sydneys favorites:

  1. Holiday – Thanksgiving
  2. Holiday tradition – Going to Chicago on Thanksgiving
  3. TV show – Gossip Girl
  4. Netflix show – Shameless
  5. Childhood memory – Being introduced to my first friend, Devin Lambert
  6. Favorite artist – G Eazy.. anything G Eazy.. I LOVE
  7. Favorite meal – breakfast!


A moment she is most proud of – “I’ve gone through treatment three times for anorexia nervosa. I am slowly but surely starting to love myself and body for all it can do. Recovery is the most rewarding feeling. My parents they have literally saved my life. I can’t thank them enough for supporting me and forcing me to do things that may be uncomfortable, but will only help me be a healthier, happy me. My mom is my best friends and has helped me to be the very best that I can be without passing judgement. She encourages me to be myself.”

Ten years from now, I see myself graduated from Mizzou, happily married and working as a certified dietitian and helping other improve their quality of life with nutrition. And of course, I will have the sweetest and cutest dog ever!

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