Shelby Senior Snow Session | IL high school senior photographer | Class of 2019

March 28, 2018


What do you do when Mother Nature dumps 8 inches of freshly fallen snow at the start of Spring?  You take advantage of it’s beauty!!  Photographs in the snow will always be my favorite. The light that the snow produces is absolutely beautiful, especially on a sunny day. Plus, I love the the hats, furry hoods, fun gloves, and layers that an be worn for a shoot that is unique and different than what I normally photograph.   This Class of 2019 makes me smile from ear to ear… they have already made new friends in such a short amount of time.  The smiles, the laughter, the friendships are absolutely priceless!


Anna’s outfit was one of my favorites!  Such beautiful colors and let’s talk about the bling! Gorgeous!

Friends from Peoria Notre Dame High School

I’ve known Katie since she was a little girl. I am thrilled that she is now a Shelby Senior! Such a beauty!


Let’s hear it for my Pekin Shelby Seniors!!

Pretty in pink!!  And Claire didn’t think she looked good in hats, LOL! Amazing!

These colors ROCKED in the snow!!

Obsessed with Kenzie’s hair!!

Red photographs sooooooo good in the snow! Wow McKenzie!!! Gorgeous!


Those eyes though Blair!!!!  The light, the colors, the beauty!!

Kharalee – Am I the luckiest photographer ever, or what?!!!   Here smile is contagious!

I think Kaitlyn could pass for one of my daughters with that blond hair and her pretty eyes!!  Obsessed with the pretty light shining down on this beauty!


Erica is just as sweet as she is beautiful and let me tell you, she is SWEET!! Love her!

I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Dee-Mack girls! Boom!

Breathtaking!!  This outfit.. on point!!  Valerie is so natural in front of the camera!

Katie – my snow angel!!  Another super cute outfit with a sweeeeet girl!


Bailey is such a joy to photograph!!  I can’t get enough of my snow eskimo princess!

Tessa – I want to bottle up her personality and sell it for a zillion dollars! Bonus – she’s a beauty!

Ashton – this coat is everthiinnnnngggg!! Gahhhhh! My small, spunky, sweet, Shelby Senior!




New friends, old friends! They stuck around to the end of our session so I was able to take a few more pictures of these beautiful girls as the sun was setting!


That genuine smile is PRICELESS!!  Sydney is a dream to photograph!

Rachel’s images just make me speechless… I think I died from pure beauty!


The picture below is one of my favorites EVER! Laughing so hard with her nose scrunched up, SWOON!


As it got darker, we played with some fairy lights!!  











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