Riley | Dee-Mack High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

September 29, 2019

When I think about Riley, I can’t help but smile!!  She is one of my most outgoing Shelby Seniors and isn’t afraid to shine!!  She is authentic, sweet, (the first one to give me a hug), caring, peppy, and absolutely gorgeous!!

After high school, Riley plans on attending SIUE and wants to major in Law.  When she was a little girl, she thought she might be a doctor.  In school, she participates in cheer and softball, and her hobbies include taking naps, watching Netflix, shopping, and hanging out with her BFF, Hailey!   In fact, she would describe her “perfect day” as going to the beach, shipping, and eating (with Hailey).  *Note- having these two besties on my Shelby Senior team has been the BEST!!

A moment that Riley is most proud of is when she was working on a tumbling pass for a long time.  She finally did it… felt very proud of her accomplishment, and then broke her knee doing it!  Oops!

Three things on her bucket list include 1. Sky diving 2. Scuba Diving, and 3. Traveling the world

“My hero is my mom because she is the strongest person I know and does everything with a smile and has put up with me annoying her everyday. The best thing about my mom is how strong she is we as a family have been through A LOT and she has not dropped the ball once she has kept us all together and has even brought two more littles into our life that didn’t have someone to love them. She’s the most amazing mom a girl could have!”

Here are some of Riley’s Fun Facts and Favorites:

  1. Favorite singer: Billie Eilish
  2. My favorite trip was to Colorado because we went white water river rafting horseback riding and four wheeling we always were out doing something
  3. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be potatoes!
  4. Favorite family recipe: Corn casserole
  5. I’m really good at making bird noises (LOL)
  6. My favorite sport to watch is baseball and my favorite sport to play is softball
  7. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia. It was my dad’s favorite place to travel
  8. Favorite current fashion trend: Floral button up shirts.
  9. Favorite color to wear: Yellow
  10. My usual school style: jeans and a nice shirt
  11. Favorite place to shop: Dry Goods
  12. I chose Shelby Photography to take my senior pictures because all of the pictures left me in awe and all so beautiful and I wanted to have that experience!  Every detail is so perfect!


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