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December 17, 2017





 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shelby Photography and the Class of 2018 Shelby Seniors!

If you know me, you know I have a little obsession with Buffalo Plaid!  Our Christmas Inspired Buffalo Plaid Christmas themed session took place on the sweetest little tree farm in Brimfield called The Cinnamon Tree Farm.   The trees were so pretty and the light was just perfect!  It was cold but you know what they say; Tis the season to be freezin!”   The girls kept warm with hot chocolate, Christmas carols, and lots of snuggling.  Each girl brought their favorite Christmas ornament, Christmas mug, and sense of fashion showing off  Buffalo Plaid!   After our shoot, we headed into Kickapoo to eat at Ludy’s (YUM) enjoy Christmas cookies, and do a fun white elephant Christmas present exchange.  It was soooo spending time together celebrating this Christmas season and cultivating friendships and sharing experiences that will last a lifetime!

For not you is born this day, in the City of David, a Savior. which is Christ the Lord – Luke 2:11

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!


“My favorite Christmas ornament is a little Crayola Ferris Wheel that my grandma got for me in Disney. Its a wind up ornament and it spins and plays the cutest little tune. It HAS to go up on the tree every year, or it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas!”


“My favorite Christmas ornament is the sparkly, ruby red slippers my sister Macy & I got when we were little. Although it’s not Christmas related at all, Macy & I used to LOVE The Wizard of Oz. We would watch it maybe 2-3 times a week together, just sitting and staring at the TV. My mom found the ornament when I was 5 & Macy was 8, so we cherished it from that moment on because it reminded us of Dorothy.  I think Christmas every year is memorable, but if I really had to choose my favorite one would be when we spent Christmas on the beach. For those of you who know me really well, you know there’s no place I’d rather be than on the beach. Florida would easily be my second home if I ever had to get out of Illinois 😉 Most people love snow because it gets us in the “Christmas spirit” but not me, I’d take the beach & 70* weather any day! Overall the beach definitely makes Christmas more memorable!”


“My favorite Christmas ornament is a post card of the Good Heart general store. It reminds me of my family Christmas’ spent at St. Ignace for the last 5 years and all the fun memories we’ve had there.”


“My favorite Christmas ornament is by far my homemade cheer ornament.  I received this as a gift my sophomore year from my cheer coach. It is my favorite because it is unique and it serves as a good memory of fun I had while I was on the cheer team.”


I love this ornament because it’s just a really sparkly ornament!


“My bird feeder ornament was one that my grandma had for a very long time, and it was passed on to my mom.”


“My favorite Christmas Ornament would be a one that my sister made when she was in school. It is supposed to look like an ice cream cone with a red ball on top and a cone on the bottom. When I was little, I took the ornament off the tree and took a big bite out of the ice cream cone and now my family still puts it up on the tree every year.”



“My favorite Christmas tradition is going to see the Festival of Lights and making Christmas cookies.  My favorite Christmas memory is dancing with a miniature Santa Claus that I have when I was little and writing letters and putting out Christmas cookies for Santa.”


“My favorite ornament is one with 4 snowmen on it and it has all of my family members names on it. It just reminds me of family and it’s so cute”


“My favorite Christmas ornament is my pink dance shoes ornament. My aunt Vickie bought it for me when I was little and it has always been very special to me after she passed away.”


“My favorite Christmas ornament says “I heart cadavers”. It represents an amazing opportunity I had and what I want to do in my future”


“My favorite ornament is a pickle. It’s my favorite because every Christmas morning at my dads house they hide the pickle in the tree, and whoever finds the pickle first gets an extra present.”




“My favorite Christmas ornament is a small squirrel in underpants.  It’s made of glass and is very fragile. There is really no other ornament like it and makes me laugh every time I look at it!”



“My most memorable Christmas is from a few years ago. My family from out of town came down and we all hung out and watched Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace.”

Lexi’s favorite Christmas tradition

“My family and I don’t eat a traditional Christmas dinner. Since we’re Italian, we enjoy spaghetti and meatballs and sausages. Let me just say, you’ve never had spaghetti until you’ve had it made by my family!”  Favorite Christmas sweet treat – Puppy Chow!”

Noelle’s favorite Christmas tradition

“Every year my family and I go to Talbots tree farm and pick out our Christmas tree, and then we spend a whole night together decorating it and listening to Christmas music.”


“My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas morning when my brother and I get up we have to stay in our rooms and wait for our grandparents to arrive before we open our presents. It builds the anticipation and makes the present opening that much better.”

Mary Catherine’s favorite Christmas tradition – “Christmas cookies my grandpa Buddy used to make.. sugar cookies”

Lindy’s favorite Christmas tradition – “My mom & I love the holidays because it’s the chance for both of us to be in the kitchen. We love (which is an understatement) to bake whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, Christmas Day brunch, etc. It’s been a tradition that we spend a few days baking together. We’re always trying to come up with new recipes via Pinterest or Foodnetwork, but it’s still the chance to spend some quality time with my mom.  My favorite Christmas cookies are the peanut butter ones with the hershey kisses in the middle, I completely forgot what they’re called. I love peanut butter, I would most definitely eat it by the jarful everyday. And of course, who doesn’t love chocolate? So the combination of both just makes them even better, I’m kinda craving them now actually!!”


Lauren’s favorite Christmas tradition

“We do a $20 gift exchange every year and it’s really fun because we all sit in a circle and we get the option to steal someone else’s gift or get a new one.”

Erin’s favorite Christmas tradition

“My family & I all go to my aunts house on Christmas Eve to eat, trade gifts, and sing Christmas carols with the rest of that side of my family.”

Hailey – “My favorite Christmas tradition is when my family does our gift exchange on Christmas Eve. The most memorable Christmas was when my parent’s got me my first bike.

Alyssa’s favorite Christmas tradition

“When I was little, I always struggled to fall asleep on Christmas Eve so I would end up in my brothers room watching tv or playing games with him. We would stay up late and go out to the living room to look at the gifts Santa brought. Now we made it a tradition to sleep in his room on Christmas Eve and stay up late.”

Katie’s favorite Christmas tradition

“Some of my favorite holiday traditions is spending Christmas in St. Ignace with my family. While there we bake cookies and visit the beautiful Mackinaw Island.  My mom’s homemade sugar cookies are the best. We always see who can decorate their’s the prettiest.”

Ashley’s favorite Christmas tradition

“Making homemade cookies every year and decorating them!”


“My favorite Christmas was when I was about 7 because we would open presents at my house and then go to my grandparents house to open more presents, and then go to my other grandparents house to open even more presents and be able to eat a ton of cookies and watch Christmas movies with my family.”


Alyssa’s most memorable Christmas

“My most memorable Christmas was in Hawaii! I remember relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun with my family”

Lauren’s favorite Christmas cookie

“Oreo balls… because I love Oreos and I love chocolate!”

Logan’s most memorable Christmas

“My favorite memory is baking sugar cookies with my mom and grandma and decorating them.  My favorite Christmas cookie/food is iced sugar cookies.”

Katie’s most memorable Christmas

“One of my most memorable Christmas’ was when I was 10 and I received my dog Jasper. I remember walking down that morning and being so ecstatic what Santa had brought me that night.”


My favorite Christmas cookie is called a “monster cookie” that my aunt makes and it is my favorite because there is so many good things in there like peanut butter and M&Ms.

Lexi’s most memorable Christmas

“My most memorable Christmas was probably the year I got my cat. He’s definitely the best present i’ve ever gotten!”


“My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with all of my extended family at my grandmas house on Christmas Eve. We sing Christmas carols and read the Bible Christmas story.”


“I really don’t have a favorite Christmas memory… I think that every Christmas is amazing because it’s time spent with my entire family, and I love my family and cherish every moment spent with them.  My favorite Christmas cookies is my great grandma Owing’s sugar cookies with a kiss on top. They’re only delicious and one of my most favorite memories of my grandma.”

Noelle’s most memorable Christmas

“A few years ago while unwrapping presents I started to not feel good and then 10 min after that my mom complained about not feeling good, ends up we both had the flu on Christmas and spent the whole day in our beds.”

Noelle’s favorite Christmas cookie – “Hershey kisses cookies. They are SO good and my mom and I try to make at least 1 batch of them every year.”

Mary Catherine

“My most memorable Christmas was a trip to New Zealand and bungee jumping”



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