The McKinley Family | Mike, Nicole, Kendall, and Malone + Cookie and Blue too! | Washington IL family portrait photographer

November 28, 2017

Washington, IL family portrait session


I worked with Nicole for years at OSF before starting my photography business full time.  Since then, I’ve watched this beautiful and extremely sweet woman fall in love,  get married and start a family.  It’s hard to believe that her girls are 15 and 12 now and they are ABSOLUTELY stunning.. just like her!!

Of course.. if you in know me, you know that when client’s bring their dogs, you have made the esteemed Shelby Photography all -time favorite clients list. (I say this as Ozzie the multi-poo takes a nap on my lap with his head lopped over my arm as I’m typing, I looooooove dogs!). Their dogs, Cookie and Blue were well behaved and just as picture perfect as their humans!!  Here are some of my favorites from their fall family portrait session.   Mike.. your a lucky man!!

I can’t wait to hang their gorgeous canvas grouping in their home.. amazingness!

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