Madison Schumacher | Eureka High School Class of 2019 senior pictures

September 20, 2018

Meet the lovely and love-able Class of 2019 senior, Madison Schumacher from Eureka High School!  I was in 7th heaven capturing her senior photos.. beautiful girl, adorable goats, and the sweetest little pup.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Madison would describe her personality as very outgoing and fun. “I am more of an extrovert but I also enjoy alone time.”

She plans on graduating from school as semester early but still look forward to all of the usual activities of the school year including football games, homecoming, prom, Key Club events and all of the classes she is taking.  Her class is Anatomy and Physiology.  “I am very interested in the human body and Mrs. Michelle Monk did a fantastic job teaching the course. I felt very prepared going into the college anatomy class I am currently taking.  have two favorite teacher’s at the high school; they are Mr. O’Hanlon and Ms. Lowe. Mr. O’Hanlon taught my Foundations of Science class and Wildlife Biology class. He was always encouraging me to try my hardest, and I got many encouraging notes about my grades and projects throughout the years. I had Ms. Lowe for English II and Journalism. Journalism was another one of my favorite classes at Eureka. Ms. Lowe asked me to be her teacher’s assistant for my senior year, and I gladly took on that role.”  Events she most looks forward to this year are Friday night football games and Prom. “Football games are a great way to kind of start the year. I have many friends who are on the football team, and I love supporting them by being in the stands cheering them on.  Everyone is in such a good mood the weekend of prom, and we all have a blast planning parties and plans for before and after the dance. Picking out my dress is one of my favorite parts too!”  Madison has great advice for incoming freshman: “Be yourself!!! Don’t try and conform to the different “groups” in high school. You will lose friends….it’s inevitable. Don’t let that get the best of you. Enjoy the four years of high school, because you don’t want to look back and regret anything you didn’t do.”

Madison has been super active in and out of school!   “I am the Key Club Secretary, NHS, Yearbook, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Outside of school…I did Allstar cheer for two years but am not doing it anymore. I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, so it was, and always will be, a huge part of my life.”  She also loves being outdoors, shopping, spending time with friends, being with animals (she has a dog and three goats) spending time with family, and watching movies!

She would describe her perfect day as spending time outside with my animals, going horseback riding, then going shopping at a large mall (Woodfield), and ending the night with a movie at home and lots of ice cream or dessert!  I feel like I’m kind of a split person, I definitely have country tendencies as well as city-girl tendencies:). so I tried combining the two!  I am crazy about fashion and design, but I am not afraid to shoot some deer, fish, and be outside all day long!”

Three things on her bucket list: 1. Go parasailing 2. Travel to Banff National Park 3. Go on a roadtrip with my future husband, whoever that will be!

“My hero is my Grandpa. I grew up with him babysitting me. My mom was a single mother and trying to provide a good home and life for me. My grandpa Jerry would pick me up every day my mom was at work. I remember doing lots of things with him. He is a farmer, so I remember riding in the buddy seat of his tractors and combines, watching hunting and fishing shows while he would “rest his eyes”, him making me cinnamon toast and telling me to eat the crust becuause it “gives you big muscles”, and visiting my grandma at the nursing home where she was the head nurse. I have so many great memories with my grandpa and I wouldn’t change any of it. He means the world to me and I admire him very much.”


  1. My favorite family trips include going to Philly for the Thanksgiving Day Parade when I a UCA All American Cheerleader.   We also got to go to Disney World because my Allstar Cheer team made it to nationals (ended up placing 6th). I had never been to Disney, so I am glad I got to experience it with my parents!  I’d have to mention all of my Canada trips that I have taken every year.
  2. What is your favorite childhood memory? The memories with my grandpa and being a gymnast
  3. What’s your favorite holiday and holiday tradition? Christmas or Valentines Day. Every year for Christmas, we have a Christmas breakfast/brunch at my house with all of my family. Then we open gifts, and I always get to pass out the gifts since I am the only grandchild on my mom’s side of the family.


  1. What’s your favorite family recipe?  The pies my grandma makes! (homemade crusts and pie fillings) It is something her and I love to do together…make pies!
  2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mashed potatoes, green beans, and either sushi or steak.
  3. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Pickled deer tongue or a fish eye


  1. Who is your favorite singer and/or band?  Country music! My favorite singer is probably Walker McGuire. Two of my favorite songs of his are “Best Kind of Bad” and “Lost” but if you play any country music, I will listen!
  2. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? cliff diving while on vacation in Kentucky
  3. What did you want to be when you were a little kid? I wanted to be a “cooker” (Chef) or dancer!
  4. What are your plans after high school? I want to attend ICC or ISU to major in Nursing

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