Kylie Swanson | Illinois Valley Central High School | Class of 2019 senior pictures

December 3, 2018

Meet the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and lovely, Kylie Swanson, Class of 2019 senior from IVC!

She describes her personality as Type A, very determined, outgoing, and sassy! Her favorite classes in school have been anytime related to business, in fact.. after high school, Kylie plans on attending college to pursue a business related degree; possibly Accounting.  She is an outfielder for her school softball team, has played the sport since age 7 and LOVES it!  A moment she is most proud of is last year when she hit the game winning run an beat an undefeated team! Kylie loves attending any sporting events at IVC because “I enjoy hanging out with everyone!”  She also enjoys raising money collectively with her school for cystic fibrosis.    Advice to incoming freshman: “Get involved in things and make as many new friends as you can.”

If Kylie won the lottery, she would take her friends and family to all of the National Parks and then take a trip to Alaska.  She loves all outdoor activities, loves cold fresh air, pretty views,  mountains, and glaciers.

Here are some of Kylie’s fun facts and favorites:


  1. The best thing about my mom is how she deals with my attitude eery day. She supports my crazy decisions but also my greatest accomplishments. She never fails to let me know how much I am loved.  She is my best friend and always listens to my drama. She’s not only my mom but a mom to my best friends as well.  She has the biggest heart and I hope I can be half the person she is when I am an adult.  My dad makes me laugh every day even though he is always saying the stupidest tings. He can’t see to tel me now because I have him wrapped around my finger as long as I can remember. He will do anything and everything to make me happy and works hard to give me the best life I can possibly have. No matter how dramatic I an sometimes be; he listens and really cares. He will do anything for me or any of my friends and has the biggest heart!
  2. My hero is your grandma because after everything she has been through, she still always find the good in people and situations.
  3. My favorite family trips are to Branson, Missouri. My entire family goes there every summer. The most daring thing I’ve ever done is jump off a cliff at Table Rock Lake.
  4. My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas with my family and playing games like cards and Catchphrase.  I also love Thanksgiving.. apple pie, turkey and mashed potatoes!  My cousin and I go shopping on Black Friday.


Food and Style:

  1. Favorite restaurant- Flat Top Grill
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor: Heath
  3. If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Pasta!  My favorite is Alfredo
  4. Favorite family recipe is Mac n Cheese
  5. My favorite fashion trend is casual, mostly jeans
  6. I love wearing the colors navy, maroon, and grey
  7. My usual school style is sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, and leggings
  8. Favorite clothing stores: American Eagle, Hollister, Dry Goods, H&M, and Apricot Lane



  1. I have a bird phobia
  2. Favorite band: Juice Wrld
  3. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is cat food.
  4. My nickname is Ky.
  5. Three things on my bucket list are Skydiving, going to Alaska, and traveling to Australia.  Australia has the coolest animals and beaches!
  6. Why did you choose Shelby Photography to to be your senior portrait photographer?  You did a great job photographing a friend and am very impressed with your online portfolio.  The pictures are very focused on the senior and not on the backgrounds. You do a great job coordinating the outfits with the backgrounds.

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