Jaden Smith | Class of 2021 | Pekin Community High School

April 7, 2021

Meet the lovely, Jaden Smith, Class of 2021 senior from Pekin Community High School.  Her sister, Katelyn was a Shelby Senior Rep for our studio a few years ago and I was so happy when Jaden filled out an application and was accepted into our program.  Jaden is absolutely stunning and a total sweetheart.  She always goes out of her way to encourage others and makes a point to always tell me thanks for the opportunities that our program has to offer.  One of her #1 attributes is being kind.  Jaden has gone through much heartache this year but has chosen to be strong!  I’m so proud of her and excited for what’s to come after graduation!

Jaden would describe her personality as very shy at first but outgoing once she has gotten to know someone.  I have seen her personality boom over the past year and she has made the best of friends with several of the girls on our team!  After high school, Jaden plans on pursuing a career as a Real Estate Agent because she would like the opportunity to meet more people.  “I want to help people of all backgrounds and all financial statuses find their forever home.  I am starting classes in August!”

Jaden’s favorite teacher is her English teacher, Mr. Ulferts.  “I’m not good at the subject and don’t even like the subject but he helps me enjoy the class and I push through! My favorite class is US history… I’m seriously a nerd when it comes to history. I love it so much and learning about past major events or even small events really sticks with me.”  In school, Jaden participates in soccer as well as the Best Buddies program.  Outside of school, she plays soccer and volunteers with TAPs, church, and her mom’s work.  “I babysit alot because I love kids. Every other Sunday, I’m in the nursery at church watching the kids while their parents attend services. It’s my favorite thing to do!”

Her hobbies include going hiking, playing soccer, watching horror movies, and shopping.

Jaden’s advice to incoming freshman: Take freshman year seriously and don’t blow it off! It may seem like a long time till you graduate but It seriously goes by in no time. Also try new things and join clubs or sports teams! High school only happens once, make them the best years of your life and don’t worry what people have to say about you. People are always going to comment on what you do, so you might as well do something you enjoy!

A “perfect” day for me would be oing to the beach and laying out in the sun, then going back to the hotel for a quick nap! Once waking up I’m I’d go shopping with my friends or family and getting something yummy to eat!!

Food and Family:

  1. The most unusual food I have ever eaten is Calamari
  2. My favorite family recipe is “surprise chicken”. It’s seriously the best and I ask for it every single night!
  3. My hero is my mom because no matter what she sticks by my side and she’s always there for me. She gives the best advice and always knows everything! She’s also a super good cook.  She is caring she is towards other people. She has always welcomed everyone in our home. My mom is a mom to everyone and she is one of the most loving people in the world.
  4. My dad is overall a goofy fun person who still thinks he’s a kid! If you ever need a good laugh my dad is the guy you need to go to. He’s a good role model when it comes to soccer and just life advice in general. My parents are both one of a kind and I can’t think them enough for everything they have done for me.
  5. My favorite childhood memory is me and my sister “meeting” in my moms room after school and watching the show Arthur on pbs and eating strawberry shortcake popsicles. After the show would turn off my sister and I would make up dances or wrestle one another.
  6. My favorite family trip was to New York a few years ago. Luckily my family and I get to go on many amazing adventure that I can never forget! While in New York we got to visit some of the coolest things, like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis island, Central Park. I even got to experience the New York subway. It was a trip that I’ll never forget!
  7. Some favorite holiday traditions would be helping my mom make Christmas cookies, Going to Tanner every year at the beginning of fall, going Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving Dinner, and searching for the “pickle” on the Christmas Tree
  8. Favorite ice cream flavor – Cookies and Cream. Favorite dessert – Cheesecake
  9. Favorite restaurant – Cheesecake Factory, I order the Carne Asada Steak
  10. Blue Powerade is my favorite drink

A moment that I’m most proud of is during sophomore year. I chose to be in PE with the kids who need assistance. Everyone who was asked to be in that PE didn’t choose to go. A group of my friends and I went over there and said we’d be in the group! Since that day I’m so happy and proud that I did. The girl I helped still comes up to me and says hi or gives me a hug in public!  It makes me so happy to see that I could make an impact in her life by doing the smallest thing and helping her and the other kids in class.

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Travel to all 50 states 2. Go to Bora Bora 3. Skydive

My favorite sport to both watch and play is soccer!

Fun and Random Jaden Facts!

  1. Nickname – Jay, bubs, Elizabeth
  2. The most daring thing I have ever done is ride the New York roller coaster in Las Vegas. The ride takes you dangling down in front of traffic!!
  3. Favorite singers: Dan and Shay, Lana Del Ray, Lords, and Post Malone
  4. I love going on adventures with my friends!
  5. Favorite fashion trend: Funky belts.  Usual school style: Jeans and a sweater Favorite place to shop: Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, AE, and Brandy Melville
  6. Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
  7. Favorite color – Pink
  8. Favorite senior year memory: I really enjoyed my government class. Every single day was a new adventure and my teacher was awesome!
  9. Why did you choose Shelby Photography to take your senior pictures? My sister did Shelby seniors in 2016-2017 and she would come home so happy and excited for the next shoot! Cindys work is like no other. Not only is she amazing at taking pictures but she makes every shoot unique and fun! like the fact that everyone’s smile seems so genuine and pure. Shelby photography brings out people’s true beauty!

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