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Isa Alexander | Class of 2018 | Washington Community High School | IL high school senior photographer

October 20, 2017

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One of the many things that I love about Isa is her sweet, bubbly, outgoing personality.  She is super energetic and I would sit down with her and just chat all day about anything and everything.  If there is anything I can predict about her future; it’s that she is going to be very successful in anything that she sets her mind to.  She is positive and determined and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this beautiful soul!

Here’s a sneaky peek into Isa’s heart  – “If I could have any superpower, it would be the power of happiness!  I want everyone around me to feel comfortable and happy with themselves. I never want anyone to feel left out and know they always have a friend.  My superpower would grant this to everyone in the world because everyone deserves happiness”

Isa is a Class of 2018 senior from Washington Community High School and super active in school.  She has been dancing for forever and loves the Pantherette team!  She is also part of the Pep Club, Fitness Club, Spanish Club, and National Honor Society.  After high school she plans on attending college and majoring in accounting. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a Forensic Anthropologist.  Besides the love for dance, she also enjoys all kinds of music and lots of shopping!

Advice to incoming freshman: “Get involved!!!  Being a part of so many different clubs helps you branch out, form good relationships, and help you find who you really are in high school.  Also, don’t be afraid to be yourself.  I know that’s commonly said, but it’s so true!! You’re only here for four years and after that, you’ll probably never see some of your peers again. So that being said, be who you want, do what you want, dress how you want, and be yourself. Don’t care what others think, because in the end, I know you’ll be glad you expressed yourself in high school and showed your true self”

She would describe her perfect day as waking up and eating French toast with her family followed by a  shopping trip with her mom and a visit to an aquarium because, “I love fish!  I would then go to the beach with my friends, play in the ocean and work on my tan. (even though I’m so fair skinned, all I really do is burn) My friends and I would have a sleepover and we would stay up all night eating lots of good food, watching movies, and telling stories!”

The most daring thing she has ever done was dance in the 2014 Orange Bowl halftime show and “it was honestly the most scariest/coolest things I have ever done!”

If money were no objet, she would travel to Australia, hold a koala bear, see kangaroos, and snorkel/scuba dive by the Great Barrier Reef!

Three things on Isa’s bucket list would be 1. Going to a summer music festival like Coachella 2. Own her own business 3. Live in a different country

Biggest Pet Peeves: “I am very OCD and that is not an understatement! I have two little brothers so the house is always cluttered. I clean it up all of the time.  People always tell me my room is the cleanest and I organize my clothes by category, then I organize by color. I also keep everything in a specific place and if someone move it, it’s very hard for me to leave it there (I always end up putting it back!)

A moment she is most proud of: “I was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. My teachers since kindergarten told my mom to get me evaluated but she never really thought I had a learning disability. It has caused me many struggles socially, at home, and in school.  It can be really hard for me to pay attention.  I also talk a lot an am very loud/energetic. Sometimes people don’t like me at first until they get to know me because I can come across as annoying.   It can be challenging for me to form close relationships. I wish for people to accept me for who I am because I can’t change it.  In eighth grade, I realized I really wasn’t like everyone else (not knowing I had ADHD yet). I hid all of my symptoms and tried to conform. After I was diagnosed,  I became a straight A student. My ADHD has inspired me to be kind to everyone. You don’t really know what anyone is going through, so I try to be friends with everyone because I never want anyone to feel alone.  I have conquered my ADHD and I don’t regret having it because even though it can cause extra stress in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today without it!”

The most influential person in her life: “My mom, because she has always motivated me to be successful. Growing up, I saw how she was an advancing woman in the workforce and have seen how many things she has accomplished in her job that she loves. She never holds back on her dreams and accomplishes everything she encounters. She is fearless and someday I want to be exactly like her!”

My hero is: “My grandma would be my hero. My mom was working really hard in her new job when I was born and was trying really hard to find a babysitter for me. Right when I was born, my grandma quit her job so she could watch after me while my mom was working. What she did for me was so selfless and practically helped raise me by my mom’s side. I couldn’t thank her enough for doing that for me!”

Here are some of Isa’s fun favorites:

  1. TV show to binge watch – Gossip Girls and Grimm
  2. Holiday – Halloween
  3. Sport – Dance “I’ve been dancing since age three. Dancing let’s me escape from a bad day or anything bothering me in the outside world and help me focus on the positive”
  4. Books – Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux  and Anthemby Ayn Rand
  5. Movies – Aladdin, Tomb Raider, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Alice in Wonderland
  6. Holiday tradition – Every Christmas, eating breakfast in the morning and then opening presents. At such, going to grandmas house to open more present and finally gathering at Mamaw’s house, eating dinner and opening more presents! “I love incorporating all three Christmases and being able to see everyone.”
  7. Childhood Memory – Going to my Dad’s house when she was little. “He had a huge lake in his front year and I loved fishing and swimming in it.”
  8. Family recipe – Grandma’s spaghetti
  9. Music genre – lots of different music but “rap is my go-to”
  10. Treasured possession – my car

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