Hailey Rumbold | Class of 2021 | Henry-Senachwine High School

April 9, 2021

Central IL High School Senior Photographer | Shelby Senior| Class of 2021


Meet Hailey Rumbold, a blue-eyed babe with the funnest personality, a whole lot of sweet and a heaping dose of sass!  She can be shy at first, but “when I warm up to you I won’t shut up.  I admit that I’m kinda funny and very sarcastic. I love my friends and family so much and I would do anything for anyone!”

Hailey is a Class of 2021 senior from Henry-Senachwine HS.  After graduation, she plans on attending  college and will most likely pursue a career as either a Speech Language Pathologist or Child Life Specialist.   When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a veterinarian. “I can’t wait for graduation.  I look forward to seeing what my class has accomplished and what everyone’s plan are after high school!”

‘My favorite teacher is probably Mr. Emmons because he always makes his classes fun and enjoyable. Even though he won’t admit it, he loves us. My favorite class is definitely history because I really enjoy learning about all of the culture and stuff that’s gone on. My favorite school event to attend is the home boys basketball games. Our pep band plays and we get to cheer and dance. Seeing our team play and getting invested in the game is also really fun. Being a cheerleader is exciting and being on the dance team is fun when we perform.”   Hailey has been extremely active in school and participates in Cheer, dance, Lady Mallard Athletic Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Red Krush, and FCCLA.  Outside of school, she has participated in dance at DDP productions since the age of  3.  Her first competition year was at the age of 6 and she won a platinum award in tap dance.  She has been involved with HOBY and does volunteer work at the Midwest Food Bank, around her community and she participates in the St. Jude run.

Advice to incoming freshman: “Don’t change who you are for anyone. You have some friends that will come and go but you will find out who your true friends are. Always do your homework and your teachers want to help, I promise they do.”

Three things on my bucket list include graduating college, bringing someone closer to Jesus, and having a big family!.

“My perfect day would be waking up and going to tan.  Then I would go with a group of friends and go shopping and out to lunch.  After that,  we could go boating, swimming, and fishing. Then we’d all come home and get in comfy clothes and go longboarding.  The night would be completed with a bonfire and hangout with my family since all my friends love them! Then we’d end the night with a big sleepover!

Food and Family:

1. The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is alligator

2. My favorite family trip was to Tennessee this summer. We had such a fun time being together and going into the mountains. We hiked and tried a ton of new places to eat and activities. It was really nice to be together on vacation because of our busy schedules.

3. My favorite childhood memory is going to the fair every year and going to the demolition derby. Seeing it and going
every year as I was growing up then having my brother run in it was really fun. The fair is a big part of our family.

4. Favorite family recipe: Our strawberry pies! I love this recipe because we make them for the St. Jude run fundraiser I hold. They’re so good and everyone loves them!

5. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would involve pancakes! All different kinds.

6. My favorite thing about my dad is that no matter the situation, he can crack a joke and make anyone feel better. He’s so strong and his mindset on life is what I aspire to be like. My favorite thing about my mom is her goofy personality. I don’t care what anyone says, she is the funniest person I know and the best dancer I know. She does everything in her power to make us happy

7. I’d have to say my hero is my grandpa. He was so hardworking and caring. He always did his mowing and yard work on schedule and made sure to feed the animals no matter what. He loved everyone and there was never someone he didn’t know. He could go anywhere and know at least one person there. He had a joke for everything and he always made sure to use them flashing his close eyed big smile. He was the glue for the family and he really did a great job raising my dad into a
great man too.

8. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July but I also love Christmas and the traditions we have. We have a money jar grab
at Christmas every year with my brother and cousin and see how much we grab each year and how the amount gets bigger as we grow up. We also go to Christmas Eve church service ever year with our family. My grandpa also used to dress up as Santa every year and since he passed away, my dad has taken over and dressed as Santa for the kids. We go to the Marshall County fair every year and stay there open to close.

9. Chipotle and Chic Fil A as well as Chilis are her favorite restaurants.  My go to order is chicken strips! Favorite drink: watermelon Redbull. Favorite dessert is cookie cake and favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla with lots of cookie dough topping.  Favorite snack is cheese, for sure

My nicknames include Hoo Hoo, Lucy, Hailey Bug and Hailey Bop

Random Fun Hailey Facts!

  1. A moment I’m most proud of is when my dance studio won the national title at our national competition in Myrtle Beach. Seeing how hard everyone worked to pull it off was so amazing and I thank God every day for being at that studio.
  2. The most daring thing I have ever done is either rock climb or compete in Nationals
  3. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Texas to visit my friend Michael or go to Amsterdam because it looks absolutely beautiful and it seems like such a fun pleasant place to travel.
  4. Favorite singers/bands: One Direction, Lil Peep, Morgan Wallen, any country music honestly.
  5. My favorite high school memory during my senior years competing in our FBLA event at State and making it to finals. We are currently waiting to see if we placed and made it to nationals!
  6. Favorite colors: White and Yellow
  7. I just got a job at Apricot Lane. The stuff there is amazing and it’s so hard staring at all of the clothes and not spending all of my money! ☺︎
  8. One time I opened a door and busted my eye open because I hit myself with it!
  9. Three things I can’t live without are my journal, my cats, and my clothes. I have 3 cats named Sally, Spot, and Waffle.  Sally and Spot are 14 and Waffle is 2. I also have a cute dog, Blue who is 9!
  10. Why did you choose Shelby Photography? I chose Shelby Photography for a few reasons. One reason being is that I’ve heard nothing but positivity about them. I’ve always heard how good you make everyone feel and how you really care about each session and give it your all. I also love the way all of your pictures turn out. They’re so bright. I like how unique they are. I’ve always been able to tell which picture is from Shelby Photography by the way it looks. I also really like everyone’s outfits and think you do a good job of helping people with the outfit guide.










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