Grace McConaghie | Class of 2018 | Dunlap High School

September 13, 2017

Meet the sweet & lovely, Grace McConaghie, Class of 2018 senior from Dunlap High School.  She’s a pretty as her name and she happened to endlessly charm me and my camera.  Grace has the cutest little giggle and the most amazing smile.

In school, she participates in volleyball and after high school, she plans on attending college to study Chemistry. She also participates in choir and Operation Snowball!  She admits she is motivated by a the goal of having a bright future, supporting people she cares about and FOOD, hee hee!  A moment she is most proud of would be on the plane in Peru. She was surrounded by Spanish speakers and the lady next to her complimented the Grace on the bracelet she was wearing (in spanish) And she was able to respond back in Spanish… This led to an hour long discussion about the woman’s life, Grace’s life, and her jewelry.  She was proud that she was excited to be able to use her Spanish knowledge in the real world.  Speaking of Peru, the most unusual thing she has ever eaten was Alpaca during a her trip!

Words of advice to incoming freshman: Learn to be your own person and like things because YOU like them, not because your friends do, because friends can change.

She and I have one thing in common.. our love for Ed Sheehan, in fact she is attending his concert this weekend, I’m so jealous!!  Have fun Grace!

Grace would describe her perfect day as eating chocolate chip pancakes while overlooking the mountains, following by a drive to the beach while jamming to music.  Eating pizza on the beach, swimming, walking and just chilling out.  The day would end by watching the sunset.

Three things on her bucket list are

  1. A walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain
  2. Learn to play guitar
  3. Learn a really challenging rap song (I just love her!)

Some fun favorites:

  1. Family trip: To San Francisco/Yosemite. She loved the culture of San Francisco and was able to see the mountains and the ocean.
  2. Holiday tradition: Opening stocking on Christmas morning
  3. Childhood Memory: Spending the week at the Michigan lake house with her cousin and grandparents
  4. Meal – Penne Pasta
  5. Family recipe – Hawaiian baked beans
  6. Holiday: Christmas
  7. Singers: Carrie Underwood and Ed Sheeran

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