Devon Blumenshine | Class of 2018 | Washington Community High School

November 6, 2017

Best IL high school senior photographer


Meet the vibrant Class of 2018 senior from Washington Community High School, Devon Blumenshine!  She is bubbly, happy-go-lucky, and incredibly fun to photograph! Her red hair.. those blue eyes.. that smile.. love, love, love!!!

We also cherish some of the same things including love for our dogs and Washington Community pride!   It was important for her to capture a few of her senior photos on the historical Washington Square as it holds so many memories for her as she was growing up.

Devon would describe her personality as spontaneous when she needs to be but she also likes to plan things out.  “I can be both an introvert or an extrovert depending on the situation I’m in.  Honesty is an important quality to me”

After high school, Devon plans on attending Washington University in St. Louis, Iowa State or Lindenwood University and majoring in Political Science and Law.  In school, she is on the golf team (but I’m not that good!) Advice to incoming freshman: Get involved and don’t be afraid to talk to people. You never know the stories and life of other people

Something interesting about Devon: I’m a vegetarian and haven’t eaten meat for the past 8 years!”

Devon would describe her perfect day spent I Chicago, her very favorite city! She loves to go there whenever she can. During the summer, she and her boyfriend, Kyle enjoy going there for concerts as well as Lollapalooza with her friends. “I love going to events like this and seeing all of the people and just having fun where no one will judge you.. that’s what I would love to do on my perfect day!”

Hidden talents.. she can say the ABC;s backwards SUPER FAST!

:My hero would have to be my mom because she is accepting of all people and their views even if she doesn’t agree and doesn’t discriminate against or judge anyone ever and would go out of her way to help anyone who needed it whether she liked them or not”

One of her most treasured possessions would be the ring that Kyle gave her on their one year anniversary.. it’s really important to me.

Three things on her bucket list include 1. Working on an innocence project (which is a group that helps people convicted of crimes who are actually innocent get exonerated) 2. Travel to all of the continents besides Antartica 3. Meet Florence Welch

A moment she is most proud of: “I’m really proud of myself for getting a job and sticking with it because my parents told me I didn’t need one and my dad thinks I should be out having fun not worrying about making money but I wanted to do it for myself and get that experience”

Here are some of Devon’s fun favorites:

  1. TV shows – Stranger Things and The Walking Dead
  2. Holiday – Christmas because everyone is together and happy and people are more giving and helpful to others
  3. Sport – “I am the least athletic person on the planet and don’t really watch sports but if I had to pick one to watch probably wrestling or competitive cheer”
  4. Singer/Bands – Florence and the Machine (especially the how big, how blue, how beautiful tour! I saw it in real life and it was even better than the record). BORNS, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Zella Day, Halsey
  5. Book – Counting by Sevens by Holly Goldberg Sloan
  6. Magazine – Time because its full of all kinds of new facts and information
  7. Holiday tradition – On Christmas eve my dads side of the family all goes to church together and then we go to my grandmas house for bernardis and open presents then christmas day we all get back together and play games and eat all day til late into the night
  8. Childhood memory – “probably all of the days I spent with my grandparents, my parents worked a lot when i was younger and so i spent almost every week day from 8 to 5 with my dads parents and they were amazing people who had a huge impact on my life.”
  9. Family recipe – homemade macaroni and cheese
  10. Meal – pizza

Ten years from now, I see myself finished with law school, married and living in a home of my own!

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