Chloe Hartwig | Henry-Senachwine High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

October 28, 2019

Meet the positive, strong, talented, bubbly, outgoing, sweet, beautiful, blue-eyed, red-headed senior, Chloe Hartwig from Henry-Senachwine HS!  She’s also this year’s Miss Marshall-Putman Country Fair Queen and will competing for Miss Illinois Country Fair Queen in January.  So exciting!!!! I absolutely love my seniors from this school!  After high school, Chloe plans on attending college to pursue a career as a physical therapist.  When she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a doctor or speech-language pathologist.  She admits that having her senior pictures taken was the one event this year that she was most looking forward to!  “As a little girl who loves taking pictures, clothes and getting her pictures, this also always been something I have been looking forward to. I remember when I was little I went and watched my older cousin get hers taken and I couldn’t waitttt for it to be my turn!”

My nicknames include Red, little red, and clover!

Advice for incoming freshman: “My advice to an incoming freshmen is to enjoy everyday. High school goes by fast! Don’t keep waiting for fridays or the weekend make everyday count!
To get involved. I bet you hear that a million times but it’s true. High school is full of amazing opportunities, clubs, activities and sports do as many as you can! But do the things you enjoy.
“Stay above the noise” don’t worry about drama that might be happening around you. You are the best and only you! So don’t be afraid of showing your true colors because you are AMAZING! Walk the halls with confidence because high school is so much fun and you learn so much!”

Chloe’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Steston “because she has a very outgoing personality, always positive and always there to help her students no matter what. She is always there to make the bad days good days and the good days even better. She is inspiring. My favorite class is definitely Biology and Anatomy.  I absolutely love science and the human body! The medical field has always had my interest!”

“My favorite school event to attend is basketball games.. it has been since I was a little girl. Our home games always have so much energy! I’m on the dance team and cheerleading squad so we always make home games a blast and get our crowd/fans in the game. Performing my dances and cheers is my absolute favorite thing. (I also loveeeeeee school dances because I love getting ready in our dresses, get my hair done and dancing with my friends on the dance floor!)”

Chloe is on a competitive dance team at a local studio. She also volunteers as a dance teacher for a beginners class at the studio.  During her junior year,she had the opportunity to volunteer and be a member of the Central IL Teen Council for the Ronald McDonald House in Peoria.  Chloe is also a member of her school’s FBLA chapter which does lots of community service.

Some of Chloe’s hobbies include Shopping, dancing, excercise, running,volunteering, jazzercise, taking pictures, hanging out with friend (ooo and singing in the car/eating ice cream)

A moment she is most proud of is “When I was a freshman I had to get surgery on my knee. I was out of all sports and activities for 6 months but I was determined that I was going to perform with my team at our first performance. During those months of recovery I thought to myself how powerful I truly am. I pushed myself and worked extremely hard. I was able to recover 3 weeks earlier and was able to perform with my team. Going through that surgery was tough and definitely a rough time for a girl who loved loved to tumble and was in about every sport. But I pushed through  with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset that nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.”

Chloe would describe her “perfect day” like this: “I would probably wake up at 7:00 (I’m a morning person). Get a group of friends and go get coffee at the local coffee shop because I loveeeee coffee. We then would all take the train up to Chicago and go shopping all day!! At the end of the day we would go get ice cream, because that’s my favorite food. After a long day of shopping we would take the train home and have a big slumber party at my house. We would play just dance all night long and paint our nails.

Three things on my bucket list include: 1. Skydiving/Bungee Jumping 2. Travel to Ireland and England 3. Travel to another country on a mission trip or volunteer trip

“My hero is my mom. She has taught me everything everything. She is the reason I am the person I am today. She has been my number one supporter in all my activities. I can always count on her. I have no idea what I would do without her!”


  1. The most unusual food I’ve ever eaten is alligator. It tasted like chicken butttt, not the greatest, LOL!
  2. My favorite family trip was when my family went to Myrtle Beach. We went there for my national dance competition but we had so much fun as a family. My dad and I went jet skiing. We went shopping. And spent fun days at the beach. It was a relaxing, yet busy fun filled vacation and one I will always remember.
  3. My favorite childhood memory is riding horses with grandpa
  4. Favorite family recipe is Lefsa. It is my family Norwegian recipe. My grandma and my family’s dedicate a whole afternoon to make this special dessert. I love getting all my aunts and cousins together for this family tradition and girls day.
  5. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be breakfast!  I love coffee and bacon!
  6. The best thing about my mom and dad is that they are the most incredible people in the world! I love them so much and I’m so blessed and thankful they are my mom and dad. My parents are so supportive. There was never a game or performance they missed of mine. I was always able to look out in the crowd and see them sitting in the audience. They always have helped with whatever I may need help with, and make sure I have everything I need. Their unconditional love and support truly is amazing I definitely wouldn’t be who I am without them.


  1. I have a younger sister
  2. I wear an ugly knee brace when I play sports because of past knee surgeries
  3. In the summer, I get lots of freckles!
  4. I love coffee and ice cream!!
  5. I love getting my photos taken!
  6. I can’t wink with my left eye
  7. Favorite singers: Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Dan and Shay, Das Halsey, and Post Malone
  8. My favorite sport to watch is football on tv and baseball in person. My favorite sport to play is dance! Whether it’s dancing with my friends, or dancing on the dance team. Dance has always had a large impact on my life!
  9. The most daring thing I have ever done is jet skiing on the ocean. I was terrified but it was a blast!
  10. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because I absolutely love how my community and family celebrate the holiday. My community has a parade which I get to ride in the cheer/dance team float and spend the afternoon with my friends and throw out candy. After the parade my family and neighborhood throws a HUGE cookout. I love spending time with family and friends so this day means a lot to me.

Why did you choose Shelby Photography to take your senior portraits? I love how Shelby Photography makes your photos unique and special. I absolutely love all the photos Shelby Photography has taken. What I love most is not only are you getting the great opportunity to take pictures all throughout your senior with fun sessions you also are making lifelong friends along the way! I’m so excited and so blessed I got this amazing opportunity!! Each session is different and unique to fit each senior. Every senior session has different locations, poses and style to fit the senior it’s not the same for everyone. I also love how the pictures themselve look! They are edited and filters perfectly! The lighting and everything is perfect in everyone!

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