Carli Wright | Class of 2021 Senior | Princeton High School

June 28, 2020


Meet  Carli Wright, Class of 2021 Senior from Princeton High School!  Besides her obvious beauty, she has the kindest heart and some of the very best manners.  Saying thank you, and being grateful for all of life’s opportunities is part of her inner core.  I have to admit that she is one of most interesting, hard-working seniors I have ever met! Let me explain why… and then you will understand!  When I asked Carli to describe her personality, she said that she is the first to fix flood gaps one minute and being covered in mud, but the next minute, she will put her cheer uniform on and be ready to show her school spirit!  “I am a hard worker who is always getting a task done and I like to get it done as soon as I possibly can. My mom always taught me growing up to “be kind and honest” and that’s what I strive to do everyday. Being kind and honest, I have learned, makes the world go around much smoother.”

Carli lives on a farm in Bradford, and takes care of cattle, sheep, hogs, and her chickens.  In the summer, she works at a poolside cafe and she owns her own business called Carli’s Cluckers. She raises chickens, and sells eggs!  In school, she is involved in cheerleading, wrestling (yes, you read that correctly.. she is so cool!) Track, Tennis, Student Council, Year One, Choir, and Prom Committee.  She is a proud member of the FFA and serves as the Chapter President. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

Future Goals: “Once I graduate from high school, I plan on attending Black Hawk East College to begin General Education.  From there I hope to attend Oklahoma State University, to be a cowboy, and to major in agronomy and Agricultural Business or Agricultural Education. With a double major in agronomy and ag business, I would hopefully become an agronomist.  I want to be an agriculture teacher as well as FFA advisor.”

Carli volunteers lots in the community. She helps with VBS, the Bradford Hog Roast, Tiskilwa’s Strawberry Festival, Ag Days, and Ag in the Classroom.  When her time isn’t spent on wrestling mats, she is also helping run the tournaments!

“This year, I am looking most forward to my last year in FFA and the blue corduroy jacket. FFA has taught and given me so much these past 3 years. From state and national conventions, to contests, and banquets, I have been able to grow as a person and find my true passion.”

“My favorite teacher is Mr. (Coach) Freds. He is always so positive, and wants the very best out of all of his students. Coach Freds is always willing to help a student understand a topic, until they fully get it. My favorite class is Biological Science Applications in Agriculture, in which Coach Freds teach. I love Bio AG because I believe it’s so necessary for everyone to understand where our food comes from and the importance of agriculture.”

“I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, playing sports, fishing, exploring and taking pictures of our livestock. My perfect day would consist of spending the day with my friends and family just having loads of fun doing whatever.”

  1. The most unusual thing I have eaten is pheasant and the most daring thing I have ever done is eat Rocky Mountain Oysters!
  2. My favorite holiday is July 4th because it’s a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we have today.
  3. My favorite holiday tradition on my dad’s side, is when my Grandma and Grandpa get us all an Old World Christmas ornament every Christmas. These ornaments are so beautiful, full of meaning and thoughtfulness.
  4. My favorite holiday tradition on my mom’s side is when the whole family gathers around the table to play card games. There are so many laughs, smiles, jokes, and memories made around the table that we will always cherish and remember!
  5. Three things on my bucket list:  See the Northern Lights, go skydiving, and meet a celebrity.
  6. My hero is God because He saved us from our sins
  7. A moment I am most proud of is helping start the girls first wrestling team at PHS, and getting out of my comfort zone to try something completely new!
  8. Favorite family trip: a trip to Galena, IL. There were so many memories made and a ton of laughter
  9. Favorite childhood memory: Spending countless hours playing school, house, and restaurant with my 2 younger brothers!
  10. Favorite family recipe: My mom’s homemade pecan rolls. There is no way to describe the sweet, soft and amazing rolls!
  11. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of may life it would be hamburger and mashed potatoes followed by mom’s chocolate sheet cake!
  12. The best thing about my parents: They have always been my brothers and I rock since day one. They push us to be the very best version of ourselves. They are supportive in the things we do and put us kids before themselves. Their selflessness, work ethic, and enduring love, are the reasons why I am forever grateful for them both. I love you mom and dad!

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