Anna Vonachen | Class of 2019 Shelby Senior | Peoria Notre Dame

July 5, 2018

“My dream is to live in California. I want to do something with fashion and beauty. I absolutely love doing makeup, and pairing cute outfits together to express my style. I also love photography and videography, and may want to do that as a hobby. My goal is to get my name out in the world and be successful with doing something that I love.”

Meet the gorgeous, fashionable, ultra sweet, Anna Vonachen from Peoria Notre Dame HS!  She had me at “hello”

Anna would describe her personality as fun and outdoing. She always has a smile on her face and tries to find the positive in every situation.  “I can by shy and sometimes awkward, but I’m normally an outgoing personal and love to have fun. I love eating healthy and working out, and I try to stay active. I also play the guitar whenever I get a chance. I have a very bad shopping addiction, and music is something I can’t live without.”   She’s not sure where she will attend college yet, but is thinking about majoring in Fashion in the big city of Chicago!

The event she is most looking forward to her senior year is graduation. “It will be sad knowing that I’ll be leaving somewhere after four years, but I am ready to be done with high school and be on my own. Also, I am excited for college and getting to learn about what I’m passionate about.”  Her favorite class is Art because she loves getting to express her style. “I’m not the best artist, but being able to draw what I want and make it my own is really cool.”  Anna LOVES dancing  and participates on the school dance team but also dances at Kim’s Academy.  She is also looking forward to homecoming and Prom, getting dressed up and “it’s another excuse to have my mom buy me another dress.”   Advice to incoming freshman: “Get involved. There’s plenty of fun things to get involved in and it helps you meet new people and make new friends. Also, to be yourself and not care what others think.”

Anna would describe her perfect day as a sunny summer day….going to the pool with her friends in an orange jeep wrangler with the roof and doors off jamming to Post Malone. Laying by the pool getting tan….then coming home and watching some Netflix while eating fruit.

Three tings on her bucket list include: Becoming famous, Being Successful doing something that she loves to do, and living in California

Her hero is “Bethany Mota because when I was younger, I would watch her YouTube videos. She taught me how to be myself and not care what anyone thinks.”

Here are some of Anna’s fun facts and favorites!

  1. The most unusual thing she’s ever eaten is meat free chicken.
  2. The most daring thing she has ever done is jump off a train bridge into a river.
  3. If she could travel anywhere in the world, “I want to go to New York, because I love fashion and big cities and would love to just experience it all in New York. Also, I heard that New York has a lot of good restaurants that are vegan or vegetarian friendly, and I’m vegetarian.
  4. Her favorite holiday tradition is going to mass with my family the day before Christmas, and then going to her grandparents and getting to eat really good food.
  5. Some of her favorite singers are  Post Malone, Yung Pinch, Khalid, and NF.
  6. “A moment I was most proud of was when I shoveled a driveway for a family that I was dog sitting for. I didn’t want them to have to come home to a snowy driveway, so I surprised them and did it for them. I played my music and actually made shoveling a driveway fun. When they got home and saw it, they were very thankful and it made me happy. I love doing things like this for other people because it makes me smile.”
  7. Her favorite family trip was when her grandparents on dad’s side took my family and my cousins to an Alaskan cruise. It was so much fun and sh got to experience so many fun things like zip-lining.
  8. Favorite family holiday tradition is during Christmas time, all of her cousins on my mom’s side go over to my grandparents and they make and decorate Christmas cookies.
  9. Favorite family holiday tradition is during Christmas time, all the cousins on my mom’s side go over to my grandparents and we make and decorate Christmas cookies.
  10. Favorite family recipe is Grandma’s homemade frosting because it’s so good and it makes cookies 10x better! If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be crescent rolls
  11. “The best thing about my parents is that their both so kind and loving.”

Anna wore her Grandmother’s diamond necklace during her senior pictures!

I want this in a great big canvas!!!!  Gorgeous!!

I was crazy about all of her outfits but I really loved this striped little number!

I’m fairly certain that I was holding my breath watching Anna dance and jump.  She was graceful and powerful and breathtaking!


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