Taylor Ellis | Metamora Township High School Class of 2020 senior pictures

July 9, 2019

Meet Taylor Ellis, Class of 2020 senior from Metamora Township High School!  She happens to be one of my most bubbly Shelby Seniors who always spreads positive vibes and makes those around her happy!  She would describe herself as a very quiet person when you first meet her, but “when I open up, there is no going back!  I have a strong passion for helping others and I absolutely love my family. I am the oldest of 5 kids and strive to be a good leader that they can look up to.”  Taylor is very ambitious and tries to make the best of each and every day!

Taylor’s caring personality makes her career choice absolutely perfect.. she wants to be a nurse and work in the NICU.  In fact one of her proudest achievements is going to ICC the summer after her sophomore year to get her CNA certificate. ” It took a lot of hard work, time, and motivation to make it through such a challenging course at that age. I gave up my whole summer to go to school, but I would not take that back at all. I met some of the most caring individuals throughout that time, and the memories will stick with me forever. I was the youngest in my class, so it was very intimidating…but I got through it!”


  1. Taylor’s advice to freshman would be GET INVOLVED FRESHMAN YEAR!! Do as much as you can, and yes your grades do matter. I wish I would have listened to that advice, and I feel like so many people say it that it is almost overlooked. Your freshman year GPA really will impact your overall GPA either negatively or positively, you choose. There is so much to get involved with both inside and outside of school, so get information even if you don’t end up doing it! You don’t want to be bored these four years of your life, and these are your last years as a kid so enjoy it with all you got! You’ll go amazing, and fit just in so don’t worry!
  2. Taylor participates on the Girl’s golf and track team
  3. She can’t wait for her senior prom because ” will be able to dress up one last time and rock the dance floor with all my best friends and classmates. It is all bittersweet, but I know we will all come together to enjoy the night with each other. I am excited to plan prom, go dress shopping with my friends, and to capture the picture perfect night.”
  4. My favorite teacher is my Freshman and Junior keyboarding teacher, Mrs. James. She has gone above and beyond for all of her students, and has given me so many opportunities to succeed even more. She has the positive attitude that could light up any dull room, and the burning passion to make each students day the best. I will miss seeing her each day once I leave, but I know more students will enjoy her just as much. A big thanks to her for letting me use her class as a study hall when I didn’t do my homework, forever grateful! (; My favorite class was black and white photography with Mrs. Wyse-Fisher! I was able to capture my own photos and experience developing them myself. I could explore so much with them, and all the assignments were personal to what I enjoyed.
  5. My favorite school event to attend BY FAR is Friday night football games! I love the atmosphere in the stands with all my friends. Most of my high school friendships started during football games, and I would not change a thing about spending all the money at the games or on gas to get there. Metamora is known for their football, and I think everyone should experience the atmosphere of a Redbird game at least once! Everyone in the stands is there supporting the same boys as we were, and it was just a priceless feeling. I look forward to senior season, and know I will be there loud as ever cheering them on until the last second.


  1. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Octopus, I guess people eat that..but eww!!
  2. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? I enjoy fear at times and roller coasters, heights, and slingshots are my thing!
  3. What’s your favorite family recipe? love my grandma Morton’s chicken and noodles. She makes them from scratch, and they taste nothing like the normal chicken and noodles I have. It is such a good comfort food, and I could constantly eat it. I also love my moms homemade potato salad. I hate eggs in my potato salad, so I have her make it without and it has a sweeter taste to it.
  4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chicken alfredo, it is soooo good! I am in love with pasta, and I am sure my body will hate me for it later.
  5. What is the best thing about your Mom/Dad? My parents had me at a very young age. but despite that major obstacle we all made it through. I admire them for stepping up at different times in my life when I needed them the most. My mom sacrificed a lot of her younger years taking care of me, and my dad did too. He joined the military to support us and I am so thankful for all of his selfless acts that led me to where I am today. If it was not for the good, bad, and the ugly I would not be half the person I am today. They pushed me to do my absolute best despite any obstacles. That even in tough times and situations I still had their support throughout school. They always held me up when I wanted to pull my hair out from school, and really held me together throughout all my schools. There is no doubt that they gave up so much, so I could make the most of the life given to me. They taught me to work hard, so I could live happy, healthy, and carefree. I am so excited to carry on these traits with me as I go out into the world…but I know I will be making frequent visits no matter where I end up going.
  6. My favorite family trip was to Disney World because it was everything I could want and more as a third grader. I loved seeing all the princesses and riding all the rollercoasters and waterslides. They were so much better than the ones I constantly rode at Six flags. It was my first time ever going to Florida, so I was amazed by every little detail. The palm trees were gorgeous and it was such nice weather while we were there. I am so glad I will always have that memory with my dad and brother.
  7. My favorite childhood memory is my dad coming home from Afghanistan. It is a memory that can still make me shed happy tears each time I think about it. It was the best feeling in the world to have my dad home safe with me finally! I remember running to to the stage with my brother and jumping into my dads arms. He was not supposed to get out of formation and we were the only people that ran to the stage instantly, but oh my gosh I just could not help it!
  8. My dad is by far the biggest hero in my life, and has picked me up when I needed it the most. He has never pushed me away when I needed it, and I love being his little girl…until six years ago when my sister took over the “little girl” spot (; He has never let the bad times in life push him down, and I hope to be as strong as him mentally one day, and physically so I can beat him in an arm wrestle. I have always looked up to him, and I strive to be half the person he is today. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have the life I do today, and definitely wouldn’t be as successful. I love you forever Dad, never forget it… always your little girl!


  1. I have lived in over 16 different houses, and been to 6 different schools!
  2. My nickname – Tay Tay
  3. Favorite Singers/Bands – Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello Juice WRLD, Halsey
  4. Three things on her bucket list – 1. Skydive 2. Meet Taylor Swift, it was my childhood dream and I do not want to let my 10 year old self down! 3. Foster children, this is one of my dreams in life because I want to be a difference in those childrens life during their worst time.
  5. I would do absolutely anything to travel to Australia, and even if that means saving my money for years to spend it on a ten day trip there. I love the beautiful beaches and unique animals that are there, plus it’s so far from home that it would be the perfect getaway! I want to relax on the beach enjoying food each day, and seeing a kangaroo would be a plus!
  6. Describe in detail what you would do your perfect day – I would wake up around 9:00 a.m… not too late, not too early. It would be on the beach in Hawaii overlooking the beautiful ocean. I would want all of my close friends there along with my family that I love dearly. I would spend the day on the beach, and trying all different types of food at the restaraunts. I would also skydive above the island, but not too close to the ocean water. It would end on the beach with family and friend pictures as the sunset. I would go back inside to my room, take a nice relaxing shower and enjoy my sun kissed skin.
  7. Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior portraits photographer? I saw how Cindy worked with Shelby Seniors in the past, and I just knew I wanted her to be a big part of my senior year. I was in awe at the pictures I saw that she took, and just could not wait to get to know her more! She does such an amazing job and is so passionate about her clients. I also love the lighting in her photographs…

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