Tessa Carr | Class of 2019 Shelby Senior | Delavan High School

July 22, 2018

“DO NOT wish away the next four years of your life. Enjoy every moment you have.  It’s  ok if you do not always get the highest or best score on a test because trust me life will go on….Relax do not get stressed out about the little things because you might miss out on something more important!”  These are some great words of advice from the bubbly, love-able, beautiful, strong, talented, Class of 2019 Delavan senior, Tessa (aka Tessie, or T-bird) Carr!

After high school, Tessa plans on attending college to major in Finance but when she was a little girl, she wanted to be Taylor Swift 😊  She is most looking forward to all of the sporting events her senior year.  Whether it’s sports she’s playing or supporting, she knows they will all be memorable.   “My school also has an event called carnival, which has a specific theme the event is based around. It is at the beginning of the school year. Each class competes against each other to raise the most money, as well as specific events (i.e. tug-of-war, lip sync, food booth, etc.). With this event being at the beginning of the year, it creates so many memories. This event is hard to explain to other students who do not attend DHS.”  Her favorite class is English. The subject isn’t her favorite but the atmosphere of the class makes it fun.. “who knows what my favorite class will be my senior year, it changes every year, and sometimes every day!”   Tessa loves going to basketball games.  ” I love being apart of the student section. DHS is a very small school so the student section is made up of almost every high school student.”  As you can probably tell, Tessa loves school and she’s very active with participation in Volleyball, Softball, Student Council, National Honors Society, Science Club, WYSE and Youth Group!  Tessa tore her ACL and a moment she is most proud of is returning to sports after rehabbing her knee.  She also loves to watch Netflix, workout, hangout with friends but she admits her perfect day might be staying home in her pajamas all day long!

I love her bucket list items. 1. Skydiving or parasailing 2. Fly First Class on an airplane 3. Try frog legs like the ones on the show Duck Dynasty

Tessa has a big family!  A favorite family trip was when they traveled out East. “We road-tripped to from Illinois across the US and Canada border to Niagra Falls. Then we went into New York City to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We even went to the TODAY show. We then traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I was only four and I’m sure there is a lot that I don’t remember, but it was fun!  My favorite holiday is Christmas and we have a tradition called “Buffet of heaven”  My grandma makes a ton of different cookies and candies. She labels the tins and keeps them in her garage during Christmas time, so anytime you go to her house you can go straight to the garage and the “buffet of heaven” will be there until the last cookie and/or candy is gone. (sometimes she even restocks). She also makes this homemade chocolate sauce that we enjoy every time we go to her house.”

Here are some fun facts and favorites from Tessa!

  1. What is your favorite childhood memory? – My favorite childhood memory is when my grandmas got me and one of my sisters matching aprons. We used to wear and bake all of the time.
  2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Buttered Noodles
  3. What is the best thing about your Mom/Dad? They both come all of my events whether it interesting to them and/or myself. They are ALWAYS there for me!
  4. List something random and fun about yourself – I watch wedding videos on Youtube.


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